Saturday, August 29, 2009

Introducing Les Twinkies

With all the swirling drama, I forgot that I made Dr. Dreamy position the ultrasound machine so that I could capture this first shot of Les Twinkies.  

Do you see the little darlings there?  Sharing so nicely?  I'm actually kind of impressed with the quality of this photo considering it was taken in a dark room with a camera phone.  

My IF friends, you know what was going on while I got this shot. I was laying there, you know, wand and all.  Lovely.  

Of course I wanted to share it with you and give you a short update.  After some back and forth, I was finally "cleared" to schedule my appointment with the maternal fetal medicine specialist.  (Hereafter referred to as the MFM).  The scheduling nurse said that they would not see me next week but between 9-10 weeks.  


This did not make me happy since I trust Dr. D and he said he wanted them to see me NEXT WEEK.  So despite being a pleaser by nature, I pushed back.  

Me: "Why are you having me wait?"  

Nurse: "Well, we want to make sure the pregnancy is even viable.  We want to be sure we see heartbeats."

Me: "We already saw heartbeats. Yesterday.  At 6w3d.  That's why I'm being referred to you."

Nurse: "Oh.  Really?  Wow.  Well we would not have expected to see them so early. Okay, how about we have you come in at eight weeks."

Me: "Okay.  Great." (But in my mind I was thinking, eight weeks is not NEXT week but take what you can get.)

Tell me, should I have insisted on being seen next week?  The reason I didn't push more is because I know that if there is a membrane (please God let there be another one) it will most likely be visible later rather than sooner.  

So I'll go in on September 10th for a level II ultrasound and a consult with the MFM. The time's going to fly, right?  

I said, right?  


Carrie said...

Right! They didn't even see Baby A's identical twin on our first FOUR scans, just the fraternal twins. The membrane was visible by 8 weeks but not really before... I think you will feel better knowing that it would be visible then.

Those are some CUTE twins, and yes, time will fly!! Especially if you come keep your friend in Seattle company while she gestates. ;-)

Dr. A said...

1. Dr. Dreamy sure is good with that wand (if he's the one doing the u/s) to see a HB at 6w3d!

2. MFM might also want to wait an extra week to allow the little jellybeans some more time to grow, to make it easier to see if there's any separation.

3. Yes, the time will go fast (hopeful thinking).

Cameron said...

OMG. My stupid blog reader never showed me your Thursday post and I've been busy so just now catching up. HOLY COW. Congra-two-lations! I just made that up and I think it's brilliant. It's brilliant, right? I should make a greeting card for my Etsy shop.

Anyway... yes, I think you had the perfect balance of pressing for the appt but waiting until 8 weeks. Hopefully you'll be able to know more then! And I'm sure Piglet will keep you plenty busy until then. :) Keep us updated, of course, and I will check you more often since I no longer trust my reader.


Meredith said...

What gorgeous twinkies!!!! I'm proud of you for pushing back and getting in sooner than they first offered you. Though I know that extra week will seem like such a long wait for you, it may be good...a little extra time for that membrane to be visible. R will keep you nice and busy as you pass the time.


Sarah said...

Love the pic! Thanks for sharing and yes, I am VERY impressed with the photography! I'm also impressed that you had the presence of mind to push back with the MFM at all, and I think you did the right thing. Will do all I can to help make this time pass as quickly as possible for you. xoxo

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful! I hope that the u/s gets here quickly!

Anonymous said...

:) i totally agree with the other girls. i think it's fine to wait until 8 wks. you'll have a better chance of seeing things at that time anyway :)

and congrats btw!!!


summerdavid said...

What darling twinkies you have! (Mmmm, Twinkies. Ho-hos. Ding-dongs. Mmmmm.) I think 8 weeks will be just perfect. Labor Day will keep you busy and then, whammo! Time to visit the MFM. :)

Congrats again! xo Summer

Anonymous said...

I love very much twin picture!!! I am just so happy for you! BTW, will you change name of your blog from Piglet to Piglets??? xox Mirka

'Murgdan' said...

Wow. :-) Congrats a million times...and thank you so much for your e-mail. The few e-mails I received from that post meant more than 1,000 comments combined. All so thoughtful...and spirit lifting. I'm so happy for you!