Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beta day!

Well today's the day.  We find out exactly how much HCG the pregnancy tests have been detecting.  My first beta (which was two days early) with Piglet was 98.  I'm thinking this time my beta will be in the mid to upper 100s.  

I'm so excited I feel like I might barf. 

Speaking of pregnancy symptoms, so far, mine are as follows:
  • hunger, a lot of it or none of it
  • insomnia coupled with bouts of sleeping like I'm in a coma
  • extreme klutziness, it's sad really, like watching a newborn filly
  • forgetfulness, I keep forgetting to pay our poor, deserving nanny
  • protruding belly, yes I know I am only 4w along, but couple that with it being my second and the lovely IVF weight and well, you do the math
  • smell aversions, strong coffee slays me (though it didn't last time and I generally love the smell of java)
Okay, off to get my 101,228 blood draw of the year.  Hoping it's the one that counts!  


Carrie said...


I am thinking of you and the little growing baby, hoping for a nice mid-100's beta.

I think 9 days after transfer mine was 320. But we all know how deceiving betas can be!

Cannot wait to update. Can you do it immediately? Inquiring minds will want to know. ;)

Dr. A said...

Good luck!!! You must be so bruised from being poked so much.

And go get yerself a tasty treat to celebrate.

Cameron said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to read more about Piglet's sib!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear!