Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm nine weeks today!  Three more weeks until I can tell people I'm pregnant!  Oh wait. I already told everyone.  ;)  

On my list of things to do:
  1. Call my awesome OB and make my first appointment and ask her a ton of questions about working with my MFMS.  She is going to love me for it.
  2. Stop puking seventeen times a day Feel better in six weeks. Until then, replenish the supply of plastic bags in my car.  On average, I use six per car ride.  Sometimes I tuck the bag into the collar of whatever I'm wearing because, well duh, hands at ten and two o'clock! Safety first!
  3. Laundry.  Tons of it.
  4. Start potty training Piglet.  Whenever he's pooping, he now giggles and points to his diaper and sure enough a couple minutes later there is a lovely gift in there for me. We think he's ready to at least start the process.  Not sure how I feel about it! 
  5. Keep listening to the G.lee version of Journey's iconic "Don't Stop Believin'" and then keep singing only one or two lines over and over again.  Mr. K *luhves* this to no end.just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going annnnnneeeeeewhere 
  6. Go up to the attic and pull out my maternity clothes.  No Bella Band is going to save me now. Being pregnant with twins the second time around will do that to you.  
  7. Book our tickets to go visit my in-laws. (not fun) Book our tickets for our baby moon (more fun)! We might go on two short trips instead of one long one.  
  8. Finish reading Dr. Barbara Luke's book and continue being shocked at what her guidelines are for nutrition.  They go something like this: Since you are carrying multiples, eat an entire side of beef or the vegetarian equivalent every day. Then chase it with a quart of whole milk and eight servings of fruit. The fruit?  No problem. A QUART OF WHOLE MILK EVERY DAY?  Problem!
  9. Further debate the merits of going to Costco and buying an entire box of peppermint Mentos vs. just buying them at the grocery store a few at a time to ensure freshness. Nothing worse than a stale Mento!  
  10. Take measurements of the nursery and figure out the best configuration for two cribs.  Planning people, it's all about planning.


Jamie said...

Several comments --

1) The most interesting part of Dr. Luke's book for me was all the junk she wants moms of multiples to eat. I remember one line about having a Snickers bar every day. While in theory, this sounds great, I just can't stomach stuff like that constantly. I guess that explains why my weight gain hasn't been as much as my first pregnancy. I make a lot of smoothies with Carnation Instant Breakfast -- it has lots of calories and vitamins.

2) Go to Costco for the Mentos. I just finished my HUGE box of Yorks that Mike bought at Sams when I was 29 weeks. Seriously, my girls are half peppermint patty. :)

3) Fitting two cribs in one room is more difficult than you might think...

4) I'm still bitter about our vacation that was cancelled due to moving. I hope you guys have great babymoons!

5) I'll be very interested to hear about your adventures in potty training. Bo is showing all of the readiness signs too but we aren't pushing it too hard right now. I figure I'll tackle that head on after we adjust to the twins a bit.

6) I really hope you feel better soon!! There isn't anything worse than feeling awful and trying to take care of a toddler.


PDXTwins said...

Number 5 is on my list too. I'm grateful to be done with 2, 8, and 10. And 3 is never ending. 4 is in the beginning stages and will be picking up shortly. Let me know how 1 goes.

Carrie said...

Oh GAWD! I remember trying to use a belly band. It laughed at me and rolled down to reveal my butt hanging out of my too-small pants. I could not believe how quickly I showed- there was no hiding it despite my best flowy-shirt efforts. Being pregnant with triplets the second time around... no good. Just go out and buy large tops now.

One thing I will say is different this time: I AM SO HOT. Not in a good way. Even though it is getting chilly, long sleeves might cause me to pass out so get some short sleeved tops while they are on sale!

Good luck with the puking (or NOT puking) as well as potty training. Won't it be great when you don't have to smell poo while you are nauseous?

Just go for bulk with the Mentos. That is what I did with Red Vines. ;)


Anonymous said...

What dose of Zofran are you on?? They upped mine - I was taking 4mg 3x per day, now I am taking 4 mg 4x per day - they did tell me I could 8mg 3x per day but I have not gone there yet...I am really, really nauseous still and I threw up in my sleep last night...

MissMVK said...

Me - My OB put me on 8mg every eight hours as needed. Right now I'm taking it twice a day. Around 7:00 a.m. and then in the afternoon around 2-3:00 p.m. I would say it's helping with the volume of puke but not the frequency. UGH!! I would say go for the 8mg. Seriously. A lot of people have done it (people I know personally). Good luck!!!

Cameron said...

Oh my gosh. Six times per car ride? Poor MVK!!

Just get them in bulk... it's not like the grocery store gets a fresh supply every day! :)