Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My "never" and "always" list.

1. Never wear socks and sandals. Really. This also goes for hosiery with sandals. Just. Don't. 

*Post edit: My friend Summer pointed out that peep toes with opaque tights a la Anthropologie are really charming.  I agree.  Which is why this goes for sandals and not peep toes. :)*

2. Always wash your feet before you go to bed, particularly if you've been traipsing around in flip flops all day.  The grime of the world is on the soles of your feet and you don't want that between your sheets.  Trust me on this.  

3. Never wear navy blue and black together.  This is especially unpleasant when it's solid navy paired with solid black.  This is why God invented charcoal grey, chocolate brown and cordovan.  So you never have an excuse to wear navy blue and black together.

3. Never cut in line.  There's no excuse for it and it puts everyone behind you in line in a foul mood.  

4. Always splurge and buy Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter candy. Awesome colors and adorable shapes and sizes. Resistance is futile.

5. Never put your feet on the back of the seat in front of you at the movies if there's someone sitting there.  There's no worse feeling than knowing the nasty soles of someones shoes, or worse, their stinky feet, are right by your ears.  GROSS.  

6. Never give up hope.  It truly springs eternal if you embrace it. Sometimes this means digging really deep, deeper than you thought possible, but the glimmer of light hope emits is always there.

8. Always carry a camera with you. Whether it's just a simple point and shoot or a more advanced camera or even the measly camera on your phone, technology has given us the gift of being able to capture life's most precious moments in a most convenient way.  Take full advantage!

9. Never use someone else's toothbrush.  The reasons are obvious, but if they aren't obvious to you, I'm not sure where to go from here.

10.  Always have dessert.  Especially if you're at a fancy restaurant with your Sweetie. Unless you don't really feel like it, or feel like if you eat one more bite of anything you are going to hurl, in which case, skip it.  But if you want it, for the love of Jude, HAVE IT!  And then take a bite of your Sweetie's too.  :) 


PDXTwins said...

I had to look up cordovan. You should wiki it. It turns out it's also a genetic mutation in bees. Number 10 is great advice.

Mo and Will said...

This is a great list! thanks for sharing!


Carrie said...

Words to live by! Love all of them, especially the ones about candy and dessert. :)

Meredith said...

Great list (clicking on the "like" button)!

summerdavid said...

Ah, I disagree with #1 and #3, but that's really a matter of taste. I mean, Teva sandals and tube socks? NEVER. Suntan hose and open toe pumps? NEVER! But c'mon, you have to LOVE the way J Crew has been styling socks and tights with their peep toes and sandals for the season.

As for Navy & Black, I think that's an antiquated style guide but again a matter of personal preference. I happen to think as long as it doesn't look like you got dressed in the dark, it can be very chic and unexpected.

But I agree with you on EVERYTHING else. Amen.

Anonymous said...

awesome. i really like the baby count down too! - jc

Cameron said...

Great list! :) There are people who put their feet up on the back of someone's chair? RUDE! Maybe that's why I haven't been to the movies in years!

Sunny said...

How fun! :) Washing your feet before bed, I *love* that idea. Clean, fresh sheets are like Heaven to me.

And YES YES YES to the holiday candy. Life is too short not to indulge on occasion.

Katell said...

heyhey, I remember a short time after we met, you told me that you had noticed even before we became friend that I never wore black and navy together :=) Love it !

Jess said...

Amen to number 10!!!

lizzinewmoon said...

<----oh boy- guilty as charged!!