Monday, September 21, 2009

perfect ten

Ten weeks!  

Double digits! 

i wouldn't say this pregnancy is flying by but we're getting there.  To tell you the truth, what I'm really excited for is the arrival of 15 weeks.  In my head, 15 weeks is a mythical place where nausea and vomiting do not exist, where I know whether to buy pink or pull out all my bins of blue and where I can start being my normal, productive, tidy self again.  

Five more weeks until we reach this beautiful place. I'm all about goals and now my eye is on the prize!  

I imagine these weeks flying by in a flurry of days.  Just like the period of time between Thanksgiving and New Year's day. 



January 2!  

Time to take down the lights! 

Then right after that, I want to time to essentially stand still.  

Because the truth is. 

I love being pregnant.  I loved every minute of being pregnant with Piglet.  Loved my slowly swelling belly, shopping for chic maternity clothes, eating only apples and nectarines for weeks on end.  

I loved it all.  I almost didn't want it to end.  Almost.  

Then I hit 38 weeks and my feet swelled and I couldn't sleep and I was so filled with anticipation of meeting Piglet I was bursting. Literally. Up until that point though it was pure bliss.  

But this time...because it's been so very hard with the all-day sickness, fatigue, worry about the twins, inability to get excited about food (which I so dearly love), I am willing time to take me to 15 weeks quickly.  

And then.

I want it to sloooooooooow down.  

I want to savor my last-ever pregnancy like a child with a popsicle on a sweltering day. 

Last. Ever. Pregnancy.  Tear!

I'm asking a lot, I know.  

Speed up.

Slow down.

Make up your mind already, woman!

P.S. According to my pregnancy week-by-week book, Les Twinks are each the size of a small plum. Two plums people!  Wrap your head around THAT!


Cameron said...

I hope you feel better before 15 weeks! :) Congrats on 10! :)

Sunny said...

A small plumb, really?! Well, that helps explain why my 10-week belly looks more like a 18-week belly... two plumbs in there! :)

I agree with you completely, I had a nice pregnancy with my son... but this one is definitely different so far. That's what happens with twice the hormones surging through our bodies, I guess! I just hope that an easy singleton pregnancy means that my twin pregnancy won't be TOO nightmarish... please... *nervous laughing*

Carrie said...

Hooray for 10 weeks!!!

I will tell you this, Miss Slow Down/Speed Up: I loved every second of my pregnancy with my daughter, even at the end. With multiples, you will be amazed at how somewhere in the 20's you'll feel like the end should be near and it isn't! It might make knowing this is the last pregnancy easier. That has helped me SO much!

PLUMS! (The cutest plums EVER!) I cannot wait to find out if they are Plummettes or ... Plumbers? Okay, never mind. That didn't work out. ;)

I am very hopeful my cervix looooved your latest song as much as I did and will stand up tall today. :) I am going to make an MVK songbook at the end of all of this...


Jamie said...

I'm totally hating pregnancy right now... but I do see where you're coming from, despite my jaded view. :)

You're doing great!!

Kristi said...

Congrats on your twins! I found you via Sunny, and I definitely can relate to the speed up/slow down idea. Especially when you're pregnant with twins, you know that your life is REALLY going to change when they arrive, and you want to savor your last moments as a mother of one. On the other hand, in the later months, you also want them OUT ASAP.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

10 weeks is fantastic!! I feel the same way - this is my fourth (my first three did not make it) and, if we make it, my final pregnancy. I really cannot wait for the crazy fatigue and nausea goes away so I can enjoy this all day everyday. I feel so ungrateful for saying that - I love being pregnant, I am in shock and cannot believe that we have made it this far - but oh my gosh the sickness really takes it from you!

'Murgdan' said...

Nope, you're not asking for a lot. I want the same thing...only I only want to fast forward to the second trimester, so I can breathe again and stop worrying constantly that something will go wrong in the next few weeks....then I'll savor all the rest of it day by day.

Lisa said...

A small plumb?? I have no read anything close to that, but I've yet to really look at the week 10 info. I'm so excited to have a due date buddy, although your little twins will probably come earlier than my little bundle. Thanks for commenting! I look forward to following your progress!