Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Staying true to the title

So as you know, my blog title is "Our adventures in parenthood."  

And Piglet is hilariously staying very true to it.  

A few recent examples for you...

It rained and got pretty chilly here over the weekend.  No kidding, I woke up and said to myself "Oh, I guess it's November."  Piglet refused to wear a sunhat all summer and wouldn't let the hood on his sweatshirt touch his noggin either, so I wasn't holding out much hope for a hat this fall/winter.  

But as you know, Piglet is all about being given a choice.  

And he chose this hat.  And he LOVES it.  I think it has to do with the way it hugs his head but doesn't obstruct his view.  I think the cashmere lining doesn't hurt either. And now he wants to wear it all the time.  So I have to hide it sometimes.  

Next, I noticed that Piglet had a runny nose this afternoon.  Does not make me happy since we have somehow avoided being sick since March.  He also seemed a little congested, so I dug out the saline drops and instrument of t.orture bulb syringe to take a little evasive action.  

This did not make him happy.  No siree bob.  Not at all.  

So tonight, when I put him in the cradle hold to give him his vitamins (otherwise he'd spit them out) he thought I was trying to put more saline drops in his nose.  And while flailing and yelling, promptly stuck his fingers UP HIS NOSE to block the "entry."  I was crying I was laughing so hard.

I tried to capture it on film for you all, but chasing after my child with the bulb syringe just to get a picture seemed a little mean.  Even for me. ;)  However, not being one who likes to disappoint, I did at least try and I got the picture below.  Not both fingers, but you get the idea. Hehe.  

Last but not least.  

You all know I can hardly eat anything lately.  But one of the few things I can stomach are saltines.  So there are sleeves of them everywhere - right now from where I'm sitting I count three and I know there are two more upstairs.  Piglet has developed quite a taste for them, or rather the SALT sprinkled on top of them.  

So today I ran upstairs to put some laundry in the dryer and put another load of wash in and I came down to find this.  

All of those saltines were slightly "used" and all discarded.  And look at that innocent face.  "Who ME?  No, it t'wasn't moi.  I didn't empty the entire sleeve of saltines, lick most of them and and leave all these crumbs everywhere. Was surely the bad doggy." Who incidentally had been fed the rest of the sleeve of crackers. 

Keeping it real over here at Maison de Piglet!


'Murgdan' said...

HA! Snort. Yum! Nothing like a licked saltine to help the nausea...maybe he was just trying to help you by lowering the sodium content? Nah...probably not.

Anonymous said...

How freaking cute!!!

I had a sleeve of saltines at work, in my car, in my purse, next to my bed - I hear you!!!! It will get better - I am not sick all day every day at this point - but I am on the zofran - but I am hoping that there is a light at the end of the m/s tunnel

Carrie said...

LOVE IT! It totally looks like he is guzzling his drink since he did NOT lick a bunch of salt.

The hat is too.much. Just let him leave it on all Fall- though I hear it might be summery at the end of the week... we better take it while we can get some sun!

Loved my cervix song, as always. I might need you to record an album for me with all the cervical tunes. What do you think?

Cameron said...

Oh my gosh, too cute!! And a cervix song?

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow.