Friday, September 18, 2009

From the vault

As you may know, I'm a *very* sentimental person.  Not to throw caution to the wind, but my gut tells me that the Twinks are really coming.  It's likely going to be a long road, and probably not without trials, but if I'm right, come March, we will be adding two little ones to our brood.  With this on my mind all the time, I've started to look at Piglet differently. 

Trying to imagine him as a big brother is both easy and impossible.  Impossible because he's my LITTLE boy!  

My monkey!  

My lovebug! 

My baby.  

How could he ever share those titles with anyone else?

It's also easy to imagine because he is so sweet to other babies and whenever I ask him if he wants a baby, he gets a very serious look on his face and nods his head.  

I feel myself getting sentimental about his baby and toddlerhood a lot these days, cherishing our lazy mornings together and trips to the zoo and park.  Because I have always stayed home with Piglet, he's always been my #1 sidekick, received 100%+ of my attention.  We've been spoiled to have this amazing time together. But come spring, I know this is all going to change dramatically.

And while I am excited, so excited and thrilled and filled with lurve for Les Twinks, I can't help but worry about how I am still going to be the same devoted mother I am to Piglet.  How will he react to having to share so much of my time and attention?  I know that I am giving him the best gift in the world - siblings, but I am still wracked with guilt and worry about how his life will change in the immediate future. 

If not for my gimpy ovaries and the need to speed up our timeline as a result, I would have waited one more year to do IVF, given Piglet a little more time to mature and be able to understand why I have to feed the babies before I can put his train track together.  Maybe I'm underestimating him and he will be just fine, helpful even.  Right?  
Anyway, I've been watching a lot of classic Piglet videos lately.  I've posted these before, but since they're my favorites, I thought I'd post them one more time in no particular order. :)  

April 2009 - I love this one because he says only one syllable "da" but is so expressive not to mention hilariously demanding! 

September 2008 - The first loooong giggle we ever caught on video.

October 2008 - The first time Piglet truly mimicked anyone. 


Sarah said...

Love. Him.

'Murgdan' said...

OMG love it! Especially the last one!

Megan said...

He WILL be ok. In fact, he will be better than ok. You will be amazed at the growth and kindness and compassion that comes out of your little boy. And when it's intended for the other one(s) who hold your heart, it's even more incredible. And it will make you love him even more.

cartside said...

All my friends who've had no 2 say that their love just grows, and doesn't get shared. You'll be grand!
Award over at mine.

Anonymous said...

so, so cute. I am worried about that already - will I pay enough attention to both of my little ones - I hear you - but you will make it work!

Jamie said...

I feel exactly the same way...

Sunny said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) Your son is absolutely adorable. (We have those froggie PJs too... super cute.) We are both in for quite an adventure in the months to come! It's so nice to have others to share it with, people who GET IT. We can compare notes!