Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updated banner, yo

I bit the bullet and emailed my blog designer a few weeks ago about adding a few wee birds to my banner and making the title PLURAL. Yikes! She has been swamped but took the time tonight to give me this wonderful baby gift.

Two sweet little birds and an "s" added to my banner. If you add up all the birds on my blog, it adds up to five.


Because that's the number of people that will be in our family come Monday.

FIVE people.

In FIVE days.

Wrap your head around THAT.

And if you can't, at least enjoy the newly updated scenery.

PS - So sorry but just in case you were wondering, Megan is not accepting new clients. What can I say, we at Maison Piglet are lucky to be early adopters. Good thing because the girl has mad skills and is a dream to work with. Megan, good luck with what you've got in the hopper! Thanks for the banner update!

Be sure to read the entry before this too...TWO blog entries in ONE day. A record. Maybe. Actually, not. But hey, we're all for the dramatic around here.


A New Beginning said...

MISS MVK, may I be the very first to congratulate you on soon becoming a family of "five". ;) I have never met you, but have enjoyed being able to hear about your adventures as you have gone thru this pregnancy, as well as your adventures with your adorable little man you already have. Thank you for allowing me to walk along beside you as a new friend. I am so excited for you, and your family. ;)
I know that you are probably getting to the uncofortable time by this point in your pregnancy, but enjoy this last week. ;) Pregnancy is such a beautiful gift, take in every last moment with your two little ones so close to you. Lots of well wishes and hugs to you, and Good Luck!
~ Wendy ;)

Love Letters To China said...

I was getting a bit nervous when I read the title of your last post. So glad everything is still going as planned. Keep those babies cooking as long as you can! As hard as it must be for you to relax and rest, you really should try and do this before those little ones arrive. Then the fun will definitely begin!

Good luck and enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy.