Monday, March 1, 2010

The first

Every 30 days or so (or in February's case 28), I turn the the page and there it is, lovely and crisp as ever, the number one. I love the first day of a new month, I always have. I think it's because I love shiny, new things.

So imagine my excitement when I opened my laptop (at 3:00 a.m. PST) and saw that iCalendar had flipped the page for me and I was greeted by a shiny, new NUMBER ONE. Even better that the first day of the month lands on a Monday! The same thing happened last month! Oh for the love the symmetry and the order in an otherwise chaotic world. Happy sigh.

But this number one is different, it's the first day of March 2010. The first day of the next 31 that I will likely complete my family. The first day of the last month I will ever be pregnant. With twins or otherwise. Back in August when I was so sick and counting down until week 15, the time when I would magically cross over to the ZoFREE zone (HA!), I thought that March would *never* arrive. It seemed like too vast a journey to make across the porcelain abyss. But somehow, the pages kept turning, iCalendar kept moving along at a gentle clip and here we are. March! Shamrock Babies!

The punchline of course is that I am *still* not in a completely ZoFree zone, but I did finally stop puking all day, every day around month 7.5. Go me.

My nesting instincts are in full-force, but my energy wanes, begging me to sit down, lay down, do nothing but rest. There are many days nesting wins but my body later stages a rebellion and I'm left to try and make friends with my favorite, dead-sexy accessory again. So I'm trying to find a balance between doing enough to feel prepared and productive but not so much that I feel like my body is breaking into pieces. Which it kind of is, because these boys have got to come out SOME way, right?

I have another OB appointment on Wednesday and the anxiety is starting to set in as usual. I know everything is probably fine but I need to fill my sleepless nights worrying about something! If I get the green light from my OB (currently it is yellow), Mr. K, Piglet and I are planning to head three hours north to visit my Bloggy BFF, Tubeless and her adorable brood! Some call this unwise and they are probably right. But traveling with one two year-old is going to be infinitely easier than adding two newborns to the mix. Still, we will play it by ear, see what my OB says and see how I feel. Carrie is busy baking up all my favorite cookies in between feeding her gorgeous boys and mothering her her adorable daughter A. Warm cookies and darling babes might be more than I can resist.

In other news, my OB reluctantly admitted to me that she moved my original planned c-section date out by more than one week. I'm planning a c-section for multiple reasons (saftey of my ID boys being top), but one of the main ones is so that I can take care of my cyst-ridden, gimpy left ovary then too instead of having surgery #2,509 in 6-12 months when I have two infants to nurse and three boys to look after. The reason that she moved the date out one week, which puts me one day shy of 38 weeks? She is GOING OUT OF TOWN! THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY! To visit family and celebrate her husband's, Nana's 90th birthday. Pshhht. Priorities, woman! When did turning 90 become *such* a milestone?! And it's not just quick weekend trip, she's going to be gone for ELEVEN DAYS.

What's going to happen during those mere ELEVEN DAYS? Most of week 36, all of 37 and one day short of 38, thank you very much. Oh, just the most PROBABLE time that I will, you know, DELIVER these giant twin boys. But really, it's okay. Go on your little vacation. Have a Mai Tai, relaxxxxx, ENJOY.

In actuality, I don't really mind.

Shhhh, don't tell, but I was just going for the dramatic before. You *know* you lurve me for it. In fact, I think my OB is wonderful, the best out there. She was there to help me bring Piglet into the world and is one of my most favorite docs ever. But I do think she is all kinds of crazy to think that this little body of mine is going to make it to 38 weeks. What say you, Internets? 36 weeks? 37? Just for kicks and giggles, take my wee poll over there to the right.

Now watch this, I'm going to overcook these boys, the page is going to turn again and they'll arrive in April -- less like Shamrocks and more like Easter Eggs.


Jamie said...

I didn't think I would make it to 38 weeks either, but somehow, I did. You'll be holding these boys in your arms before you know it. And then... Then the real fun begins!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable!!! The porcelain abyss did seem mighty wide and impassable...but here we are! I had to take a zofran last night since I was puking at 1:00 am EST...

All is quiet here - I feel like I am NEVER going to deliver and I would not be surprised if these kiddos ride it out until 39 weeks - I am trying not to panic thinking about how I am going to eat, sleep and walk until they get here - I am just trying to take it one day at a time.

I am clueless as to when I am going to pop - and I hesitate to even make a guess for you...I have read that moms with previous deliveries tend to carry a bit longer than first I guess I am going to put 37 you have a reliable standby while your OB is out?

Cameron said...

First let me say that those Easter eggs all are kinds of freaky. The colors are nuts and they look too long and skinny somehow. I'm seriously creeped out by them.

[Trying to move on.] Wowsers! It will be interesting to see how long you last! :) I'll be waiting on pins and needles, you know! :)

Love Letters To China said...

They will be in your arms before you know it. Just rest and relax as much as you can... the fun will begin very soon!

PDXTwins said...

I can't believe it's March and that the boys will be here so soon. I still remember the moment you called to tell me your were having (identical) twins.

"Some call this unwise and they are probably right."

That's me! The one who had a completely uncomplicated twin pregnancy and still wouldn't have been found more than an hour from the hospital in the third trimester - maybe even second.

Sunny said...

I am so excited it's March too!!! I really didn't want to have these boys in February. But just because I'm selfish -- that's MY birthday month. :)

Here's a laugh, my C-section isn't scheduled until 38.5 weeks. HA! Not a chance. But you, I think you could really make it to the bitter end!!

Carrie said...

I can hardly believe how close it is to time to meet your sons!

That said: you should definitely still visit me! Reasons why:

1. One of my neighbors is an OB.
2. Cookies: snickerdoodles and oatmeal ccc's.
3. Piglet and A must meet!
4. It will be too hard in a month.
5. Cutie pants hand me downs.
6. My MFM is my friend who we can call.
7. You can educate me about Thomas and other boy things.
8. Our hubbies can geek it up.
9. People think I've fabricated such a sister-like being.
10. Cookies. And other great meals, served by me.

(Can I have your OB's number for bribery purposes?)