Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been in serious nesting mode all day. Piglet went to spend the day with my parents while I was at home supervising the deep cleaning and sealing of the subway tile in our bathrooms, taking three bids on replacing our roof and talking to our insurance company to add my new wheels to the policy and downgrade my other car to "pleasure" status. In between entertaining all these vendors, I was sorting, washing and organizing tiny clothes and using my label maker until the battery ran dry. I dragged out the pack n' play, located my breakfast-in-bed tray (for my recovery at home) and packed up three large bags of documents to take to the shredding place. I was a force of nature all day long.

Not to worry, I abided by Union rules and took two 15 minute breaks and a one hour lunch. Unpaid of course. :)

At 3:00 I headed to my OB appointment. I'd already had my ultrasound yesterday (long story) as well as a blood draw to confirm or rule out Cholestasis. Despite my burst of adrenaline laced energy today, I've been feeling really crummy the past few days. I think all these months of sleepless nights, nausea and pain have finally caught with me. Anyway, the nurse took my weight (down two pounds, Mr. K is soooo disappointed), my blood pressure and had me pee in a cup. I am getting worse at that last one by the way. That's all I'm sayin'.

My BP was a little higher than last week and while still in normal range, has been trending upwards. Apparently I have also had traces of protein in my pee for the past few weeks and today it was slightly more significant. So much so, that my OB ordered a test for me which requires me to pee in a jug for 24 hours so they can test the protein content. Pee Watch 2010 begins at 0800 hours tomorrow morning! And last but not least, the ITCHING CONTINUES. I even broke down and started taking 8mg of Prednisone in the evening because my middle-of-the-night itching has gotten completely out of control. The prednisone helps a tiny bit but i'm still scratching until I bleed and my arms and legs are covered in tiny scabs. It is just *too* lovely for words. And this is ON PREDNISONE which as you may or may not know, is a serious steroid.

So, with all that said, I know you know what's coming...

My wonderful OB advised that we go in sooner rather than c-section/ left ooferectomy has been scheduled on the day of my last OB appointment, which is MONDAY, 3/22!


Remember when I was going out of my gourd because I was twelve WEEKS away from the babies' arrival?

In case you're worried, by then I will be 36w1d, and my OB consulted with Dr. Fox, my MFMS who will also be at the delivery, and he agrees that the timing is great and that at 36 weeks gestation, the Twinks will be just fine. Their estimated weight right now is 5.5lbs each. So in almost two weeks' time, they should be around six pounds (or least I hope so, because Mr. K and I have a little wager going).

Oh and speaking of weeks, you'll all love this, my fundal height has me at 45.

FOUR to the FIVE to the WEEKS.

So imagine a woman pregnant with a full-term baby.


And that's me, right now, at this very moment. And now you know why I'm considering changing my name to Sideshow Bob. Today in the waiting room, another woman was called back and she *whispered* to her nurse "I won't get *that* big, will I?"And the nurse assured her that she would not because she was not having twins.

Seriously. I was sitting six feet away. Nice, lady. Really nice. Ever heard of Instant Karma? I hope she missed the cup and peed on her hand. Oh wait. That was me.

Anyway, this is not a(nother) post about my large, round, belly but about the fact that I am going to meet the precious Twinks in a matter of days.

D A Y S.

I think I might throw up.

Then again, what's new?

P.S. - I do have some mixed feelings about delivering at 36 weeks because part of me thinks that if I pushed and suffered a little longer, we could get to 37 weeks or beyond. I don't think the Twinks are in danger if we let them cook longer, but I also do not however, think they are in danger if we take them a little earlier either. Really, at this point, it's all gravy, so I'm rolling with it. Mostly it'd be awesome to get to 37 weeks simply for the bragging rights, since not very many people with multiples get that far. But the opportunity to have my beloved OB be there for delivery, trade in my membership to the Feral Animals Society and see my the faces of my sweet boys?Come on, that's a gimme.

P.P.S. - The post that was supposed to come today instead of this one was a big braggy post about how Carrie from Tubeless and I hung out all weekend with our families and how we are hatching plans to build a compound together. We had the most fabulous time! I'm still going to write about it, but for now I will leave you with a few teaser photos.


Christie said...

Wow! Eleven days! Is there any relief that comes from knowing the day they're going to arrive? Despite your call to do so, I am not going to imagine being pregnant five weeks later than full-term because it's just too dang L O N G (and it was hard enough for me to wait those four days after Bean's due date came and went). Pre-congrats are in order!

Christie said...
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Carrie said...

12 days!!!!!!! When you called last night I had a feeling something was up-- but what a headline: "Twinks in Twelve!"

Your visit was everything I knew it would be after months of Internet dating! It was so awesome to spend time with your most sweetest of families. I heart that Piglet and cannot wait to meet the Twinkles! You and the Mr are awesome parents. It may be hard for us all to travel since we will have 7 KIDS between us, but I see beach vacations in our future. :)

Twelve days! Get out that prioritized list, STAT!

Brock and Shana said...

OMG! Getting so close it seems unreal! Sounds like you are taking good care of those babies and I can't wait to see their little faces either!

Amber said...

Woohoo! So exciting. FWIW, 2 of my kids were born at/before 36 weeks and they're both just fine. One of them can even read! (The other is too young, not dumb or anything.)

Love Letters To China said...

So glad to hear you and the Twinks are doing well. It's amazing how you have still kept your humor after all these months. I don't think I would be so jovial as you have been! ;-)

Love the picture of your little guy kissing the baby. So sweet...

Kristin said...

Wow - how exciting!

My son was born at 34w5d at 5 pounds, 3 oz. and did fantastically, if it is of any reassurance. Sounds like the twinks are doing great so I'm sure they will do just as well. :)

Sunny said...

I am floored!!!! That is right around the corner!!!! I always figured you for a 38-weeker because of that cervix of steel, but 36 weeks is awesome and perfect. If I make it that far, I will be THRILLED... and then since I'll be off bedrest I'll be doing everything I can to bring on labor. They won't schedule the eviction before 38 weeks without an amnio. Grrrrrr.

Sunny said...

PS Feeling your pain on the itching. It's not quite as bad for me, but the nights especially are definitely awful. I want to sleep, not lay in bed scratching myself! Gross!

JM said...

Wow, so soon! How exciting!! Good luck in your preparations and can't wait to see pictures of their little faces.

'Murgdan' said...

Squeeeeee! OMG. I am so excited for you!!!

Cameron said...



Okay, I thought that you were exaggerating about the stares, and I apologize that I didn't fully appreciate the situation.


Hang in there, Mama!!! :) I'll be in Puerto Rico when you have the Twinks and I'm hoping I'll be able to log on to check your status!!

Nicole said...

Wow, 12 days, you must be so excited to meet the twinkies! You've done great getting this far, and they sound like they are doing so well. Hope everything goes easily for you.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say I feel ya on the PUPPP. I was lucky enough to get it post pregnancy and it lasted for three freakin months. After many prescription creams, oatmeal baths and 12,456 scabs it took prednisone and light treatments to even make a dent in the itchies.

I hope yours goes away as soon as you deliver! How exciting that you will get to meet your little ones so soon!


Anonymous said...


I had mixed feelings about being induced at 37w4d - I get it. The babes are fine - and yours will be too.

FYI - the PUPPPs is better!!! Not immediately - I scratched all through the hospital stay - my calves are a scabby mess - but definitely better!


Nick and Annie said...

I've never left a comment before but I do love your blog. You have such talent for writing - your blog puts my blog to shame. I am from the original Feb. 08 due dates. Just wanted to say congrats. on carrying the twinks so far, you've done a great job & with such wit & humor along the way. Keep writing - can't wait to see pictures. Only 5 days away, as if you didn't know - lol.