Monday, March 15, 2010

Me, myself and well -- ME.

Dear Self,

Please ease up. You know you really should. So the house will not be perfect, the clothes will not all be put away and the garage will remain somewhat a House of Horrors, causing you to close the door as soon as the car is safely in front of the gate, lest the neighbors catch a glimpse of the 4,256 pairs of shoes that you no longer fit but cannot part with either. So what if all of these things go undone before Les Twinks arrive? Who is going to blame you? You are a thousand months pregnant with the belly and contractions to show for it. You have an exceedingly endearing, yet demanding two year-old and your dog just ate a dirty diaper which she will undoubtedly throw up on your light colored living room carpet at some unknown time in the future.

Give yourself a break.

Put your feet up.

Succumb to the desire to watch episode after episode of the Kardashians.

Your life is about to change.

You may not have a minute to yourself for at least the next 6-8 LEAST.

You deserve to just be a slovenly veal. In fact, you *should* be a slovenly veal.

But alas, Self, I know you all too well. I know you will not heed my advice. I know you will continue to fold and sort and label and clean.

And in that case, can you clean out the extra fridge while you're at it? There's something festering out there.

Thanks ever so much.

Love, Me.


Cameron said...

Give yourself a break, love. :) I was talking to one of my friends who has twins (also IVF) and I was telling her how small you are (like her) and how you measure 45 weeks and she gasped and then laughed so hard that I couldn't talk to her for a full minute. And SHE was pregnant with twins! So yes, VEAL all the way, baby. SIT. :)

Or, at least sit as much as you can. Take it easy, Mamma. :)

Sunny said...

*wagging my finger at you* Come on Miss MVK, you really do need to take it easy. Think of it this way: would you rather wake up the morning of your C-section and have a relatively relaxed, calm experience welcoming the babies into the world, or would you rather go into labor at 2 am because you over-did yourself, then have to race to the hospital, worry about Piglet, etc.???

Sit down!

tricia reeves said...

enjoy your last week but perhaps more important cherish the time as a family of three and take advantage of all the time you can with Reid. He deserves it and has no clue what is comming. Have a great week. So excited for you. Tricia

Brittney said...

hear hear! assayez-vous sil-vous-plait! (or however you spell it...) gotta keep cookin' those twinkies! :)

Katell said...

Totally agree, sit down and relax !! I don't think the twinks or Piglet will blame you if the garage is not clean....

Much love and thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

we are sooo similar! lol. i almost started crying the other day b/c i couldn't find my label maker!!!

btw: i'm size 7 and will take some of those shoes off your hands :)