Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ready or not?

Lately I feel like Piglet needs me more than usual.  Needs me closer.  Needs to cuddle more.  Needs to make sure I'm right there behind him while he plays.  He's always been a Velcro-baby, stuck to me right out of the shute, so I'm used to it, but my sixth sense tells me his Velcro is super sticky these days.  Suffice to say the weaning is not going very well.  He just isn't interested in becoming more independent yet even though he's very strong-willed and opinionated, right now he just seems to need and want his momma 24/7.   

This makes me feel so conflicted about our upcoming IVF cycle for another baby because I sense that Piglet is telling me that he's not ready for a sibling, not just yet...that he still needs some more undivided attention and time as an only child.  For his sake, I wish that I could wave a magic wand and wait until next year when he's two and can be reasoned with a *tiny* bit more. But, alas, my cyst-free ovaries won't stay that way forever or maybe not even for 5-6 months and another surgery to remove cysts would most likely result in me losing at least one of my ovaries.  And also, to be perfectly honest and completely selfish, I love the prospect of being pregnant again.  I've never felt so vibrant and happy in all my life.  It was amazing. The end result is pretty fantastic too.  

So we are still moving ahead this spring in hopes of having another miracle baby and giving Piglet a sibling.  Ready or not!!!  For Piglet I believe it's the latter.  Poor thing.  But he'll thank me later when he has someone to push around, right? 


ang said...

What an exciting time... change is in the air for Piglet... good luck! It will be great!

Megan said...

Don't forget that once baby number two is on the way, he's still got several months to grow into being ready. And giving him a sibling is one of the best gifts you will EVER give him.

Mo and Will said...

Piglet will adapt - and he will be almost A YEAR OLDER even if you get pregnant this cycle. That's an amazing percentage in age - if you think about it that way. He'll be in a whole new developmental stage by then (plus he'll see that you can love him AND a new baby just fine).

Thanks for stopping by my blog and weighing on RE compensation earlier!


Marketing Mama said...

I understand about the weaning part. Although my Avery is 14 months now, she is not losing any interest in nursing! In fact it's almost like she needs it/me more now... although I have completely night-weaned her now so at most she's nursing 3x a day... well, except for the weekends. Good luck, your little one will still get lots of cuddles and hugs from his mommy... that's the most important thing!