Saturday, February 28, 2009

We, I mean, SHE did it.

This is how we expected to find Maren and Piglet when we got home...

Tonight we went to my best friend's daughter's Montessori school auction. It was a sweet, nice event and we were home by 9:00. We left Piglet with our trusty babysitter Maren, the ONLY person outside of my parents who has ever babysat for us. It was her second time and she did a fabulous job the first time, so I had MUCH less anxiety about leaving Piglet at home tonight. I'm pretty sure that was a run-on sentence. Anyway. Piglet is a very light sleeper unless he's being held and also nurses to sleep (yes, I KNOW this is a terrible habit) so we figured he would drift off and she would just hold him until we got home. I mean, that's the ONLY way to deal with Piglet at bedtime when mom's not around, right? I said, RIGHT?

Um, ahem. 


We came home to find an empty handed Maren and a SLEEPING IN HIS CRIB Piglet. 


The place were I only put him when I have to run and pee or something. This is big stuff!

So, I just want to send a big holla out to Maren for her excellent baby whispering and sleep training skills. Thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

PS - I am still completely shocked that he is in his crib and snoozing away.

Night #2 Update: The remainder of last night went as well as could be expected with Piglet waking three times and taking about between 5-20 minutes to go back down each time. Tonight he went down in eight minutes and there's been no stirring at all so far. By George, I think we've got it.  

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Jess said...

That is awesome! Maren's a keeper.