Monday, February 23, 2009

Vacation's all I ever wanted...vacation had to get away.

We recently escaped to Palm Desert for about a week. We were supposed to stay for five days but the weather was so gorgeous, I wistfully said "I wish we could stay another day..." and dh granted my wish!  What a great hubby he is!  So what is it about the desert that makes it so inviting?  I'll tell you what - barely two hours non-stop from PDX, great restaurants, sun, sun and more sun. We NW dwellers start to crave sunshine in a primal way about this time of year so dh  and I try to make it down there once or twice a year. Though we did go to the Oregon Coast with my family last summer, this was our first, "get on an airplane and stay in a hotel with Piglet" vacation.  Actually, we stayed in a villa on the hotel property.  It was awesome to have a full kitchen and separate dining and living spaces with a one year-old!  They even provided us with a pack n' play and highchair.  That was sweet, yo.  

We took sunny walks all around the property, lounged by the kiddie pool and I even got several hours all by myself at the pool.  We ate at great restaurants and soaked in the sun.  One day I got to go to the king of all outlet malls.  For those who don't know me, that's equivalent to the Mother Ship calling me home. Seriously.  It was a great little get away and I can't wait to go back!  If our next IVF is successful (please, please let it work) it might even be our babymoon destination.  

Here are some pictures from our sunny stay in the desert.  I took all of them.  Enjoy. 

PS - Don't be too jealous, this trip was followed by a visit to my in-laws.  Enough said.  If I were smarter, I would've planned the trips in reverse order!!!

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Grade A said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Piglet is sooooooo adorable. I hope the to-do list is going well, but remember, vacations are helpful for getting things done or doing absolutely nothing...