Monday, February 23, 2009

Piglet's Lucky 13 Month Update

This is late, but here it is, month #13. :)

The past month, unlike all other months, seemed to travel at a normal speed, not lightning fast like the past twelve.  Maybe it's because Piglet's big milestone birthday already happened or that my surgery is behind us.  Or maybe this is what happens every January after the holidays are over and done with for another year.  I can't explain it any better, but it sure seems like the month of January was a long one.  

In any case, Piglet turned one month older and he is picking things up so fast now.  I never cease to be amazed when I teach him something one day and the next he's doing it like he's been doing it for years.  Or YEAR rather.  He is only one year old afterall.  :)  The other day he asked me to turn on the light on the hood of our range.  I took the opportunity to point to the burners and say "Hot!  No no no, okay?"  The next day my dad was holding Piglet, he again asked to turn on the light in the hood.  After letting out a satisfied squeal of delight, he then looked my dad squarely in the eye, pointed to the burners and wagged his finger the same way I did the day before, saying "no no no."  We all cracked up.  So he's learning AND remembering after only singular experiences.  If he inherited my excellent elephant-like memory (dh says it's like being married to Columbo) then we're all in trouble.  

Stats: All the same except possibly adding about half a pound. 

Piglet LOVES

  • Learning new signs
  • doing party tricks on demand
  • squealing "DaDaaaaaaa!!!!" when dh comes home
  • watching us play Rock Band
  • cars
  • dogs
  • Miss Sarah
  • TV.  Yes, we are guilty.  
  • Tillamook Medium Cheddar 
  • Gerber Yogurt Melts, preferably strawberry
  • books, books and more books (this proves he is our child)
  • making you laugh
  • not wearing pants, or a diaper for that matter
  • hanging out in the pack n' play for short periods, we call it jail :)
  • being carried on your back in the Ergo or backpack
  • sitting on your shoulders
  • sitting in Piglet-sized chairs
  • crusty french bread
  • orange juice
Piglet is OVER
  • restaurant highchairs
  • sleeping in the car (bummer)
  • afternoon naps
  • too many people in one place
  • rear-facing car seats, front facing rocks
  • toast
  • most of his hand-held baby toys
  • sleeping with any lights on 
  • having his diaper changed
  • being spoon fed

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Jamie said...

I love your lists! What a great idea!

Bo loves those yogurt melt things too. Have you tried them?? Yuck!! :)