Thursday, February 5, 2009

A real boy haircut.

As some of you might remember, Piglet got his first haircut at the end of November. At the time I told the stylist "Cut it but don't make him look 18!"  She did a great job and Piglet's hair was tamed...but not for long.  I swear cutting it made it only grow in faster and thicker!  I would've gotten it cut again in December but the blasted snow kept much of anything from happening then. We tried to get it cut again in January, went back to the same darling salon but Piglet was having NONE OF IT.  Just goes to show you, you can't take a kid with no nap at the end of a long day out and ask him to sit in the yellow car while someone flashes sharp things around his head.  I kind of don't blame him.  Anyway, haircut part II did happen but I'd say was minimally successful!  So, after just two weeks, and dh saying he looked like a "wild animal" we were off for haircut number three.  This time we went for convenience and had dh's stylist cut Piglet's hair right after he got his own haircut. We also skipped the car and just let him sit on mom's lap. I wouldn't say he was THRILLED, but he sat still and was amused by the barber shop dog Oscar.  Dh's stylist took the words "boy cut" to heart and we came out with a very shorn little boy!  He even used the CLIPPERS.  It's cute, but oh my goodness it is SHORT.  I can't wait for it to grow back a little.  I miss that one curl on the left side of his head.  

Here are some pictures of Piglet with his real boy haircut. I swear I cried.  I might cry every time he gets his hair cut.  Well, maybe not when he really is 18 and doesn't just look like it!

PS - In the second picture I look like I'm making some gang sign but really I was trying to hold Piglet's hand so he wouldn't bat at this scissors.  

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morganrenee said...

That is totally a little boy haircut, not a baby haircut.