Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update on Les Twinks

Today I had another long ultrasound followed by an appointment with the Maternal Fetal Specialist. I must say, 4.5 weeks really is too long between visits. I started to get anxious at about the three week mark. I am happy to report that Les Twinks / Wontons are doing fabulously!

Here are some pictures of the little darlings. Sorry they aren't the best quality, I took them with my phone and then just emailed them to myself. Too tired to go downstairs to get my camera!

Baby B's foot...though it looks just like Baby A's and also just like Piglet's!

Baby A's winning profile!

Baby A's face from the front. I must say it looks EXACTLY like Piglet's ultrasound pics from the same angle. And I stared at those day in and out and carried them around in my purse so I know what I'm talking about!

Baby B laughing. I had just started to tell the sonographer that I thought Baby B was going to be my calm one and then he started moving his jaw up and down like this as if to say "Sucker. I am a total hellion!"

Man, they are BIG little buggers.

Average at this point in gestation for singleton is about 10.5-11 ounces and 6.5 inches in length.

Les Twinks? Care to venture a guess? You're going to be stunned. I was!

They are 15.7oz and 16oz and 11.5 inches long.

Seriously. What?!

Yes, there is a margin of error, but still, it means they are at least the same size of singletons, or gulp, even bigger than what was shown.

Plus they are measuring nearly a week ahead! My little overachieving Wontons! My guess is that I'll deliver a little after 35 weeks and they'll still be in the 6lb range. There I go counting my chickens again. But so far, I've been right. These babies are made of duct tape or something, they are amazingly strong!

Cervix doing great too! Fluid levels even and clean! All in all it was a fantastic visit.

I also got the sonographer whom I just LOVED which made my almost two hour ultrasound fly by. Plus I had really missed my Twinks, so I was happy to see them bobbing around in there. I even got to witness Baby A deliver a swift kick to Baby B's head. Baby B then migrated all the way up above my belly button. It was so wild and fascinating to observe. I felt so lucky. I still feel lucky.

And now? Yep, still feeling lucky.

The reasons are obvious but I'll tell you anyway. My baby boys are thriving despite my complete inability to stop puking every single day. They are still getting what they need. They are happy in my cozy womb. They are healthy. They are interacting with each other and smiling as they do.

They are perfect.

And in my own way, because of them, I feel perfect too.


Meredith said...

Your little guys look great!!! So glad to hear things are moving along so well!

Maren said...

M, that is just so awesome! I cannot believe how BIG they are. I love the sonogram pictures! They are so clear and look like the cutest little babies in there!

Anonymous said...

it's so special to be pregnant...and i think it's a different kind of special to be pregnant with twins. isn't it funny to see them interact in the womb? i always loved it!!


Mo and Will said...

Oh they are beautiful! So glad Les Twinkies are doing so well! (but I hope you stop puking soon! that must be so blech!)


Amber said...

Wow, what great news all around... Big, healthy babies are the best! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Good to know that they are getting big.

I am so, so sorry that you are still puking - I did throw up over the weekend - now I am just throwing up acid in my mouth..

I cannot wait to meet my little ones - but they do need to stay put for at least 11 more weeks!!!

Sunny said...

Hooray for an awesome u/s appointment!! Mine was very similar to that yesterday -- haven't posted about it yet because this week is absolutely insane. :P But I digress. Hooray for an awesome u/s appointment!! :)

The Marketing Mama said...

They are adorable, and you are SO BLESSED! :)

A New Beginning said...

It is amazing how a total strangers happiness can make me so happy as well. I don't know you at all except via blogging, but feel so very genuinely happy for you. I had my first baby over 6 months ago, and remember all of the wonderful memories of my own that you are sharing regarding your little ones now. ;) Pregnancy is such a beautiful gift, and you definitely are blessed. Those little ones in there are blessed as well to have such a great mother. ;) You are doing great.... keep up the good work, and congratulations again on your little ones doing so well. ;)

Jessica said...

I can't believe how big they look on the ultrasound - its just amazing!