Thursday, December 31, 2009

The past decade and what I've learned about myself

1. Talk nerdy to me and I will likely fall in love with and then marry you. Who knew my three brothers could have such an influence on me!

2. I can and have established incredible bonds with people I have never even met, a handful of whom I talk to, text and email on a regular basis. They are as much my friends and loved ones as the friends I have had since I was a teenager. Thank you Internets for that.

3. I had a very fulfilling if not totally challenging career/job from 2002 to 2007 (with a short stint in '08 when Piglet was three months old) but being a stay at home mom is my true calling, my heart's desire. Some of my friends, after staying home for awhile, decided they wanted to return to work and I understand that too, but for me, home is where it's at. I feel incredibly blessed to have a choice in the matter.

4. I enjoy being crafty, but it ebbs and flows. I never got into the scrapbooking craze, but I did get sucked into the S.tampin' Up card making thing for a bit and I absolutely love knitting and am decent at it despite the fact that it does not come naturally to me. My *extremely* patient and good-humored knitting teacher can attest to that! Right now I'm not doing anything creative or crafty but I hope to knit at least a hat or two for the Twinks before their arrival in March.

5. Mr. K sometimes asks me if I'd like to have another career once the kids are in school and I honestly just don't know. A non-profit event planner/fundraiser by trade, I know I don't want to go back into that unless it's in a volunteer capacity. I haven't found my second professional calling yet, but maybe in the next decade...until then I hope to be active in my kids' lives, their schools and our community.

6. When I was 14, I thought I would be married by the time I was 26 and have a baby by the time I was 30. When I was 24 I thought I would be married before I was 30 and have a baby by the time I was 32. Just goes to show you, older is wiser. Married at 29 (but very nearly 30) and had Piglet just weeks after turning 32.

7. Body image changes tremendously as you get older. Need I say more?

8. I wasn't a very adventurous eater in my early 20s but dating Mr. K was just the mojo I needed to awaken my inner foodie. She's still alive and kicking though has been on hiatus for the past six months or so. We are planning a joyful reunion next spring.

9. I love living where we do. Having all four of my siblings, dearest friends, plus my parents 25 or fewer minutes away has been wonderful. I may not have always appreciated it and though I would've considered relocating in past years, my feet are now firmly planted and I never want to leave...though a vacation home in Hawaii or Palm Desert wouldn't be bad. No siree.

10. A planner to the core, I have learned that even if things don't work out exactly as you wanted, they eventually do work out. You don't always get what you want, you get what you need. Words I have adopted as my new anthem.

Happy New Year, New Decade, my friends. It's my great hope that we will continue to get to know each other and ourselves better in the years to come.

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Cameron said...

Awesome list! I totally relate to #2, isn't it crazy? It amazes me on a regular basis, usually when I'm telling someone about something that happened to one of my friends (like having her baby on her stairs!) and they'll ask, "Oh, how do you know here?" And I have to say, oh, erm, she ordered a necklace from me, and then we found each other on Twitter and our blogs and Facebook, and now we e-mail each other all the time, but she lives in NW Indiana so I've never met her, even though she knows stuff about me that even my family doesn't. WEIRD.

Ji said...

your family may be little,
but your heart is in joy a lot,
your son seems super cute,
and smart.

happy new year.

Anonymous said...

:) happy new year!! can't wait for what (and who) this year will bring! ;)


Sunny said...

Awesome list, I was nodding along to many of them! I am so grateful that I got to "know" you in 2009, and I can't wait to share the experience of newborn twins + toddler with someone who will understand. All the best to you and your family in 2010!!!

Carrie said...

Wonderful! I love all of your list and relate especially to numbers 1-4. We ARE sisters who were separated at some point, after all. My hubby is SUCH a nerd, too, and I also heart being home more than anything. We are both so lucky to even think about being crafty, right?

The most wonderful wishes to you in this new decade. Perhaps the Well Dressed and Fed Multiples compound will become a reality in 2010's?


Anonymous said...

I promise that I never struggled with whether to suggest you take up daydreaming as your hobby of choice! You're a great knitter and were a great student. I'm glad we shared that time and hope that we run into one another again.

Happy New Year and I hope that 2010 has more sleep than you expect!