Sunday, December 20, 2009

A great investment

It's no secret, Piglet is a big-time mama's boy. He loves to cuddle and frequently asks for hugs and when he does, he is just plain irresistible. Seriously.

When this face looks at you and says "Mama?" And then he wraps his chubby little arms around himself, I would challenge you not to scoop him up and squeeze him like a package of C.harmin.

The problem is, sometimes once he's all cozy in my arms, he doesn't want to be put down again and when I try to set him back down, he makes like a koala clinging to a branch and I'm stuck. Of course this usually happens when I'm trying to pour myself a cup of hot tea or in the middle of emptying the dishwasher, not to mention that with my growing belly, it's starting to do a number on my back. He'll let me set him on the countertop while I finish my task but (GASP!) it's sooooo dangerous! Piglet is a very cautious little guy but still, I know that the countertop is no place for a toddler.

Then one day I saw The Learning Tower in a catalog and I knew it was what we needed. I'm usually up for buying and trying new things if they will make my life easier but this thing is a piece of furniture and at nearly $200 I had to mull it over a little. After about a month of serious consideration, I bit the bullet and bought one last week at one of my favorite local baby stores. Our handyman assembled it a few days ago and even though it's not quite Christmas yet, I couldn't resist letting Piglet try it out.

Piglet is a huge fan. He's scarcely left the safety of its four sides since I put him in it three days ago. It's very well-made and so much safer than a step stool (or the countertop *hang head in shame*). Now Piglet can be right up at my level while I'm tidying up the kitchen or sitting at the island eating a bagel in the morning. It will also be fantastic the next time we cook or bake together.

To the makers* of this awesomely simple, yet highly useful piece of furniture, I thank you, my back thanks you.

On a Twinks-related note, I am 23 weeks tomorrow! HOLY PIGLETS. We are knocking on the door of viability at 24 weeks. Of course I want them to cook a while longer than that but still, what a milestone! I see the MFMS on Tuesday so look for a full update later this week. I am excited to see the little buggers again and maybe deliver a short lecture on the fact that mommy's uterus is not a bouncy house and particularly not at 2:00 a.m.

*This product was not given to me and I received no compensation for my positive remarks.


Anonymous said...

Great investment - and no, I do not know anyone that could resist Piglet!!

Glad to hear that the twinks are cooking up so well - how have you been feeling?

Christie said...

We are huge fans of the Learning Tower as well. I love that it can be adjusted so that your kid won't topple over the top as he grows. Worth every penny!

Jess said...

Looks like he absolutely loves it! I have admired that in the catalog for a long time...

Sunny said...

I am so jealous! I nagged at DH to get me one of those a few months ago, but he feels they are totally overpriced. I tried to explain that some things are STILL WORTH IT, but he was not sold. I will send him this post.

Oh, and thanks for sharing your cervix story on my blog. I feel better that your docs are not concerned. I am feeling pretty good about the whole situation now, and I'm praying for a good result at my check tomorrow and thumbs-up from the doc to travel.