Saturday, December 12, 2009


It's been cold around here, really, really oddly cold for the usually quite temperate Pacific Northwest. If I've ventured out with Piglet, I'm admittedly one of *those* moms who over bundles my child (a la A Christmas Story). I am scared to death of him getting cold, so I apply layer after layer of warmth in order to fend off the dreaded draft. The other day Mr. K took Piglet for a short walk around our neighborhood. Piglet sported the following:
  • long-sleeved onesie
  • flannel-lined jeans
  • cashmere sweater
  • heavy fleece half-zip
  • heavy wool peacoat with quilted flannel lining
  • cashmere hat with fleece lining and ear flaps
  • scarf lined with fleece
  • socks pulled up to his knees
  • boots
  • mittens (though he would not wear them so I had to remove them or risk losing one
You can imagine how much it drove me INSANE to see the following while I was shopping at an outdoor mall the other day:
  • father wearing: jeans, boots, thick funnel neck sweater, heavy coat, hat and gloves
  • child wearing: khaki pants, long-sleeved t-shirt, tennis shoes
I don't care if your kid hates coats and hats or whatever. I also don't care if he/she is strong-willed and "just won't" wear a coat. If it's cold enough for you to need a coat you can bet it's cold enough for your child to need a coat. You're bigger and smarter (in theory) and you need to put some freaking outerwear on your kid; it's 28 degrees outside for crying out loud.


Nicole said...

I totally agree! I am a bundler too, and I hate it when I see a little child wearing no outerwear when it's 30 degrees outside. Poor little things!

Carrie said...

I concur. Waiting for snow up here- do you have any? Notice I try to communicate like this is FB. XO

Sunny said...

Bundle that poor kiddo up!! It is really cold around here these days. Brrrr. I'll admit to not being quite the bundler that you are :) but my son is always in his puffy coat with hood. Actually, I didn't really take him outside in the frigid weather much at all, thank goodness I can still fit our mini-van in the garage!