Monday, November 2, 2009

What I love, what I'll miss...

Things I do and will continue to love about having sons:
  • sweater vests
  • momma's boys
  • natural and incessant curiosity about the world
  • as they grow older, their needs remain largely the same and very straightforward: feed, clothe, nurture, love
  • endless fascination with things that GO
  • brotherly love
  • in about eight years, I will never, ever, have to take out the garbage again
  • they will probably let me pick out their clothes for many years to come (I just jinxed myself, didn't I?)
  • I get to teach them how to be self-sufficient men who will be considered "a catch!" by most standards
  • three sets of hands to kill any critter that makes me shriek in terror (usually of the arachnid variety)
  • they will become very partial to my cooking :) 
  • the only grooming they require is a monthly haircut
  • they love their moms FOREVER! 
Things I will miss about never having a daughter:
  • inheriting clothes from my sister, Jess and Joy
  • witnessing Mr. K parent a little girl, melts my heart to think about it
  • always having a ready and willing partner in crime for a day that involves the three Ss: spa, shopping and shoes 
  • never seeing my daughter wear all the gorgeous dresses of mine that my mom kept for me all these years
  • never getting to see Mr. K walk someone down the aisle 
  • sharing secrets as only mothers and daughters can
  • teaching her how to throw a fabulous party
  • dress shopping for memorable occasions like winter formal, prom, her wedding...
  • decorating a girl's was going to be gorgeous and full of buttery yellow
  • never having a child to send to my high school alma mater (all-girls, baby!)
  • never being able to share and relate my experience of growing up 100% with my child
I never thought that I would ever have three children and have them all be the same gender, but alas -- here I am!  For some reason two of the same always seemed likely but three of a kind was out of the question. :)  Time to shift the paradigm and realize everything happens for a reason (infertility excluded because as we all know, it is just cruel and arbitrary). 

I am thrilled that I get the privilege of raising three young people, three sons.  Am I bit wistful that I won't get to experience raising a daughter too?  Of course.  But that doesn't mean I am ungrateful to have three darling boys to call my own.  Not one bit. Because I already know they were all meant to be with me.

To be mine.  


Anonymous said...

I had two sisters - so it was just us three girls growing up - we are so close now, it is wonderful. Also, my dad goes apeshit over his grandson (and granddaughters). You can save all of your girl stuff for a future granddaughter!

Cameron said...

And look on the bright side--not as much drama, not having a daughter who says she hates you, fighting all throughout the teenage years, oh my! :) I love the honesty of this post. :)

Jess said...

I love this entry!

Sunny said...

I think not seeing my husband be a daddy to a little girl will be the hardest part for me about having three sons. But it won't be so bad, being adored by four handsome men every day. ;)

Tara said...

It's so funny because I feel the same way about not having a boy to raise :-)

molly said...

Ah, I remember well! I have two boys, and went through the same "ah, well". The best, hidden bit is that gender does not equal personality: you will have night and day and something else entirely, which is a fantastic roller coaster in its own right. Best, Molly