Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heard around the house...again

The other night Mr. K and I had planned to go out for dinner. Then as we were walking into the Japanese market, I said "Let's make kim chee tonight!  I have to have kim chee with lots of ginger!"  

Honestly, I RARELY crave the food of Mr. K's people.  But for some reason I was over taken by an intense desire for some.  It was very odd.  Mr. K who often says I "deny" him food from his homeland (he was born in Minnesota) was all over this opportunity.  Then while we were at the market, we decided to make some food of my people as well.  

As we were sitting down to our Asian feast of many colors, our conversation went something like this:

Me: Honey! Look!  The food of your people and the food of my people co-existing harmoniously in one bowl!  It's *just* like our life together... 

Mr. K: Right.  Except now you need to plop three giant wontons in there to make everything messy and chaotic

So if someone ever asks the kids what nationality they are, the answer is apparently Chinese.  

Which is really funny considering we're Korean and Vietnamese.  


'Murgdan' said...

Love it! :-)

Sunny said...

He was born in Minnesota... he he he!

Speaking of Asian fare, I have not been able to go to my favorite teriyaki place because even the smell upsets my stomach. This is the same restaurant that we ate at literally EVERY WEEK since moving here a year ago. The same restaurant that makes egg rolls I would KILL for. I miss it and I feel really guilty, like I "abandoning" the owner. Hopefully this will pass and I'll be back soon. Maybe I should send them a note.

Cameron said...

Ha ha ha! :)

Jamie said...

Lol. I think the twins nicknames should be "won" and "ton". LOL. :)

Too cute.

tabitha said...

Just wanted to tell you congratulations on your twins!! You probably don't remember me from FF (tabitha), but you were one of the first people to respond to my post after my first failed IVF, and you encouraged me to try again. We now have a 15 month old son. He's the greatest!! I agree, boys rock!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! It was fun to find another Asian blogger. I'm Korean and my hubby is white and we are going to start our first IVF.