Thursday, November 19, 2009


Mr. K and I are stuck.  We have one name picked out, but we cannot decide on our other twin's name.  We are officially open to suggestions.  

Have any?

If you give us a winning suggestion (that is not already listed below), I will send you a hand knit scarf made just for YOU by MOI!  Really!  I will! 

Names we are currently noodling:


Help!  As snappy as Twin A and Twin B are, I think those names fall in the top 20 on the S.ocial Security website, so they're OUT.


Christie said...

How 'bout Otis?

Cameron said...

I cannot vote for a name without knowing the other twin's name. I am of the belief that twins' names should go together... not necessarily *match* or *rhyme* or anything, but go together... have the same number of syllables, or start with the same letter, or have the same vowel sound, etc. :)

summerdavid said...

I agree with K Cam. Need to know first twins name before I can suggest the other.

Maren said...

I agree! I need/want to know the other twin's name to properly vote.

With that said, put my name down for... Henry, Max, Parker.

Eileen said...

How about Taylor or Lucas.

Jamie said...

Of the names listed, I prefer the last 3. Mostly because I think they go better with Piglet's name.

My #1 pick would be Eliott and call him Eli

Love Letters To China said...

I'm coming out of hiding to give you a suggestion. ;-) My sweet little boy is named Liam. We absolutely love it. Once you hear "it", you will know it's the one. Good luck! BTW, love your blog.

Sunny said...

We are in the EXACT same spot!! One name picked, the second one completely ????. I *love* the names on your list. I wish I could name a baby Andrew or James (I wanted to with Bean, too), but the two most important men in my life have those names, and I'm not a big "junior" person when it comes to names.

I wish I could offer a suggestion... but I'm blank for myself even, so instead I'll be trolling your comment section to see what people come up with. ;)

Amber said...

Boy names are tough. Lately I've been loving Will, Jack, Sam, Leo, Max, Henry... all pretty short names now that I look at them. Of course Cayden has proven to be a great one too, if I do say so myself. :) Good luck!

PDXTwins said...

From the list, I like Andrew. I think the suggestions of Eli and Liam are great. I also like Evan, Ian, and Marshall. And, I know Marshall is a little out there, but I think it works.

BetsyM75 said...

Cole, Cooper, Ari, Benjamin (Ben), William (either Will or Liam), Devon, Reece, Tristan, Brenden, Henry...those round out my top ten...ok, one more Gus. That'll do.

JLB4295 said...

Here are a few of my faves:


Hope these help, or you can tell me I'm crazy M...

Jamie Blanchat

Jen Schulte said...

Cole and Grant are my favorites for boys

Megan said...

I adore Elliot as well as Oliver (Ollie), Samuel, Noah, and Elijah (Eli). But yeah, boys names are tough!

Anonymous said...

We have no idea what we will name our babies yet...

twins-n-more said...

her are my ideas.
boys names a harder I think. good luck Tricia

Dr. A said...

Just found this blog and am loving it!!! Check under the header "twin names".

You're still much further ahead than us. We've got a long list and nothing we like.

Jill said...

Heard a sweet little name this weekend of a little boy. Tate. I loved it!

Tracey said...

Quinn and Callum
Jack and Sam
Charlie and John Russell

I could go on, there are simply too many fabulous names out there, good luck with your sweet babies!

Kelly said...

Clearly Elliott is the best. ;-)

A New Beginning said...

I just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog. I just "happened" upon it the other night while I was working nightshift here at the hospital. ;) Here are a few name suggestions for you. ;)
How about Thatcher? Harper? Penn? Patrick? Demetri? Jonah?

Thanks for making me smile with your blogging. ;) Congratulations on the beautiful baby you have, and the two more on the way. ;)