Saturday, November 21, 2009


*Warning*  Gratuitous rant/blog entry below.  Needed for stress relief.  Please forgive.

My house is in a total state of flux right now and it is driving the perfectionist in me STARK. RAVING. MAD. I swear I need one (or ten) of those signs that say "Please pardon our mess." There are huge boxes in my foyer and dining room.  There's a large new area rug that's been propped up by the front door since it arrived two weeks ago. There are many bags of Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped in the dining room too.  My laundry room is a disaster. Same goes for the playroom. And my closet.  And Piglet's new room.  Do not get me started on the state of our garage.

I hate that I can't physically lift some of the the things and put them in their rightful place.  The three boxes in the foyer and dining room are good examples of this. What are in the three giant boxes you might ask?
  • Our new Valco Tri-Mode stroller that will be able to handle all THREE of our kids. 
  • Piglet's sweet new drum shade light fixture for his sweet new room.
  • Piglet's new nightstand in a manly shade of espresso.
I can usually spend all weekend +one day tackling the house and get it back into good working order.  But right now I just can't.  I'm soooooo freaking tired!  And today I did something weird to my back and pain is radiating from my neck to the small of my back.  Tis not good.  And then it hit me hard - physically, things are going to get a lot WORSE before they get better.  I've known this all along, but with my house feeling like the inside of a tornado right now, I am starting to stress the hell out.  

When will we move the bookshelf and glider out of the nursery so we can move in a futon and another crib?  

When am I going to have time to move all my old work clothes out of Piglet's new closet and make room for his stuff?  And then who will I have come install shelving and organizational stuff to make it as functional as the closet in the nursery?  And where in the world am I going to put all those work clothes?!  I'm not ready to part with all of them yet, but I also have nowhere to store them...




I am starting to really stress myself out.  I am usually the "project manager" at Maison Piglet, so unless I crack the whip, Mr. K is content to just hang out all day, playing with Piglet, running a few errands and napping.  Who could blame him?  Certainly not moi!  He works hard, really hard.  And I've become a big fan of napping myself.  The problem is, we NEED to get this stuff done and the sooner the better.  I am not getting any smaller or more mobile and God forbid, I get put on bedrest later on or something, I will go absolutely freaking APE knowing there are all these things still to be done.  

So today I called our handyman and scheduled to have him come and put up Piglet's sweet new drum shade light fixture and hang some shelves in there too.  

What can I say?

It's a start. 

PS - Thank you for all the awesome name suggestions.  Mr. K and are scheduled to have another name-choosing/debate session in a few days.  According to him, my "rapid fire" approach of asking if he likes this name or that name does not agree with his linear, nerdy demeanor. ;) 


Jamie said...

I soooo feel your pain. After moving at 28 weeks, the hospital/bedrest, and the birth we are slowly starting to tackle our house. We have been here 4 months now and we are still waiting for our living room furniture to arrive, we haven't hung pictures, and I finally got my closet under control last week. The only rooms that are halfway done are the kids. The rest of the house needs a million things. So hang in there! You'll make it and I guarntee you're a million steps ahead of me before you even begin.

Anonymous said...

We just moved in February - so on top of project babies, I am trying to get the rest of my house done. And my husband glares at me every time I put one foot on this tiny step stool I use. Well, you know what, THIS SHIT HAS TO GET DONE. And I am very careful. And I am pissed at our handyman - I feel like he has been charging us a bit too much lately.

I need to order my glider - I want a chair and a half glider - and I cannot decide on the color and my husband swears it will not fit through the nursery door - I told him he HAS TO MAKE IT FIT. Yes - I feel your pain.

And - we decided on our girl's name - Ruby - with a middle name of either Marie or Elizabeth - I am partial to Elizabeth.

summerdavid said...

Perhaps you need to create a nice, prioritized, linear "honey-do" list with "due dates." Project managers need to delegate, not just do everything. ;)

Kelly said...

I've never seen your house in less than perfect order. I kinda want to come over and take pictures! ;-) It will make me feel better about my house.

Jess said...

You always do a great job on your house... Do not fret!

Sunny said...

Moving right now would be SO hard! No wonder you are stressed. We moved across the country while pregnant with Bean (into temp housing) then moved into a permanent home nearby when he was 3 months old. STRESS. FUL. It's been a year and a half in this house, and there are *still* boxes that we haven't unpacked.

So obviously based on your comment on my blog, you guys came up with a second name.

HOW DID YOU DO IT?! I need your secret. We are 99% on one name and just MEH about our second name.