Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh, Canada!

Mr. K and I are on our babymoon!  When I was pregnant with Piglet, we went on three (Hawaii, Vegas, beach) and I got to pick all three destinations.  This time, I let Mr. K pick and he picked Canada.  Why Canada?  Because he is obsessed with LOVES it here.  After the election in 2004, he seriously looked into moving here because the idea of another four years under THAT administration and its idiocy just drove him completely insane.  Who can blame him?  Fortunately now, we have a new administration and we can quietly tuck away our applications for permanent residency for the time being. :)  

That being said, when we started talking about going away for a few days without Piglet, Mr. K immediately suggested Canada.  I was nonplussed, but out of fairness, practicality (it's a very short flight) and the desire to make him happy, I agreed to our destination.  I dragged my feet on making the arrangements, not booking our flight or our hotel until just a week before we were supposed to be away.  


Surely, you jest.  

Eventually, I started to look forward to our getaway and after Mr. K enthusiastically told me to "book it!" when I mentioned our favorite five-star hotel had a location in the city, I got finally got excited.  In my mind, I made plans to ambush the maid's cart that held hundreds of my favorite L'Occitane bath products in miniature. :) 

After our short, but painful-for-me flight (my friend Ralph, present and accounted for), we arrived at our posh hotel just after 12 noon (Mr. K and I each have our own full bathroom!). Once I took a short power nap, an emergency dose of Zofran and brushed my teeth, I was as good as new.  Mr. K and I wandered the city to explore "our new home" as he calls it.  (He's kidding, folks.)  I was delighted to find that in the ten+ years since I'd been here, it's turned into a shopping MECCA.  

In fact, our hotel is situated above the mack-grand-daddy of malls! I literally could tumble out of bed, down 22 floors and be at the front doors of H&M. It's marvelous!  I don't even have to brave the cold!  This is not to mention the hundreds of other large stores and adorable boutiques that pepper the city streets. And the restaurants...oh my goodness.  French food abounds and I could not be happier about it. Say it with me, Crepe Suzette!

So today is day three of our babymoon and I am happy to report that Piglet is enjoying being spoiled to death spending time with my parents and sister's family and hasn't even asked for us.  Ingrate!  

Here he is petting my sister's new puppy while simultaneously watching Thomas the T.ank Engine. Pretty sure he is miserable without us.

We miss our little ankle biter but are relishing our time to sleep in, eat at fancy restaurants like this one and generally answer only to our whim.  We  do however, still point wildly and shout loudly "Crane!" and "Choo choo!!!" every time we see one.  It's like having construction and locomotive Tourettes.  

My only complaint is that I'm pretty sure Zara and H&M are trying to kill me with their IRRESISTIBLE European-if-not-slightly-emo clothing selections for kids.  Sure hope Piglet can adjust to life in skinny jeans.  


Anonymous said...

I heart Canada too!!! I am so glad you are getting away - and I am sure Piglet is inconsolable.

Cameron said...

Lovely! So glad you're having fun! :) Raid the maid cart for me, too. :) And have a crepe for me, too!! :)

Christie said...

There is a fantastic cupcake shop on Denman St. I know you like pie but you should definitely check this out if cakes are also on your list of good things to eat.

Sunny said...

Oooooh, I am so jealous!! I don't think my husband and I will be taking a trip sans kiddo(s) for about 20 years. *sigh* So please enjoy your sleeping, shopping, and eating WARM FOOD! for me, too.

Sorry about Ralph coming too, though. :( I was hoping that you're next post would be celebrating his departure for good!

Meredith said...

So glad you're having a wonderful time!! Enjoy some great food and shopping for me!

Kelly said...

I love how Reid's shirt matches your sister's pillow. Now that's good planning!