Sunday, November 8, 2009


This weekend we cracked open a potty training book.  It supposedly helps you potty train according to your child's disposition, so before the nitty gritty, you take a quiz to help you determine what type of personality your child has and therefore, the best way to move forward.  Piglet is apparently sensory-oriented.  We're still figuring out what the heck that means to the adventure we're about to embark on.

Truth be told, Piglet has been ready for some time...some months actually.  He started out telling us once he'd pooped and then he'd tell us before he pooped and now he tells us all that and also that he wants to go "up" and be changed.  The kid is READY.  

Who isn't ready?


I bought the potty *months* ago but it's been sitting unopened in the garage.  I knew the time was coming...I just couldn't pull the trigger.

It isn't that I love changing diapers, but come on - they are soooo convenient!  And potty training is actually kind of a hideous phase.  And I am exhausted just thinking about it.  AND, I cannot imagine being out and about with all three kids...wait.  Let's just pause and have a good laugh over the likelihood of THAT happening anytime soon.  Ok. So anyway, I cannot imagine being out and Piglet saying he needs to use the potty and WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!  By the time I find a restroom, unload and put the twins into the snap n go and get inside with all three of them, Piglet is sure to have had an accident by then.  

Certain. Potty. Fail.  

But -- I don't want to be the one to hold back my child.  I'm not going to push him to do this, but I'm certainly going to encourage it.  Sit with him, cheer him on, be ready with a new choo choo or gumdrop as a prize.  I'm planning to start after Mr. K and I get back from our upcoming Babymoon.  

I would say wish me luck, but that would be too cliche.  

Instead, I say, wish us POOP! And PEE!  

And not on the floor!!!!!!  


Jamie said...

We are at the same stage... It is time to start training and I keep putting it off.

I have yet to go anywhere alone with all 3. And no plans to in the near future either! Too much sickness right now to get the twins out a lot, even if I wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Lots of poop and pee in the training toilet for you!

Anonymous said...

I bet that if you start now, Piglet will be all trained up by the time the twins come. Imagine how great that will be!

Amber said...

I am so not usually one to pass on unsolicited advice but it only took me 3 kids to come up with the best potty-training advice ever so here you go: Buy an extra IKEA potty (plastic=easy to clean, rubber bottom=no slippage) to keep in the back of the car. I also packed up some plastic bags and a bottle of bleach cleaner and that way whenever Josie needed to pee RIGHT NOW, she could go in the car. It saved us on many occasions when she was learning all the signals.

Sunny said...

Interesting idea from Amber!

I think the grass is always greener. I heard from a friend of mine that her daughter is ready to potty train, but she is dreading it and keeps putting it off. Meanwhile, my son has NO interest in the potty or anything having to do with pee or poop. Other than running away in giggles when I inform him it's time to change his diaper. I definitely hear what you are saying, it's easier just to deal with three kiddos in diapers (known factors) than have to struggle with potty training in public with our hands full. And honestly I fear that if we started now anyway, he would just regress anyway. But you can get some good work in now before the Wontons show up!

Mo and Will said...

i'm not a parent yet, but would it be possible to diaper him only when you're out and have him use the toilet at home? Or maybe wear a pull up so if you don't get to a toilet fast enough when you're out he will be ok?

just some thoughts.


Dr. A said...

We're mid-PT. Erin dragged us kicking and screaming into the adventure. She's been ready for months. Me, not so much. I'm with you on the convenience factor. E could care less if the diaper is practically hanging around her knees it's so full. But 5 trips to the potty in 1 hour? Um... yeah.

It's much easier for her when she's totally naked. Hence the abundance of clothing-free blog posts of E. When she comes home, first thing she does is get "hubba-hubba". Then it's potty all evening.

We had our first diaper-free outing last weekend with zero accidents. And she's taken to pooping outside, which even though it's not in the potty, it's also not in her underpants or on the carpet. Isn't that what lawns are for?

Great idea from Amber too. We have the ikea potty and it travels from room-to-room.

Anonymous said...

Oh, potty training was a snap in our house. Peanut got an intestinal flu a few days after the worst diaper rash ever. I just told her that she needed to poop in the potty or she'd have more diaper rash. We never had an accident. But, 7 days of explosive poo was not fun for anyone.

And, I would skip the "treats" for potty time. Peanut learned to hold all bodily functions until treats were produced and WOULDN'T go on the toilet unless she could see the treat in advance. Plus, it got to be expensive and a total pain to negotiate how many m&m's/toys she could have. She (and her father!) would sneak the m&m's between potty times. Total nightmare. I would definitely NOT do it a second time.

Good luck and hope it goes well.