Sunday, October 4, 2009

This time of year...

I love the fall.  It's really a tossup between fall and the holidays, but something about the changing leaves, corduroy pants and apple harvest...puts a smile on my face.  I also get very sentimental this time of year.  Not sure why, but I do.  I start thinking about Piglet and what we were doing this time last year (trying on too many Halloween costumes and going to the pumpkin patch) and it puts a lump in my throat. Last year I reminisced about Piglet almost being one year-old and this year I'm thinking about how different our lives will be this time next year.  

I have *loved* being Piglet's mom for the past 20 months and I know I will love being the twins' mom too, but for now, I am just reveling in having one child and focusing purely on him.  It feels very decadent.  Sort of like buying an entire pie knowing I will be the only one eating it.

Which incidentally, is something I did last week. 

Whole. Pie. All. For. Me. 

That's right, people.  Miss MVK does not mess around.

No this does not mean my hurling has halted, but I do get some crazy strong cravings and pie is often one of them.  Actually, that's true even when I'm not pregnant. I love me an abundance of pie.  

Just one more thing I love about fall.

Now you'll have to excuse me as it's time for Piglet and I to go stomp on some crunchy leaves.  


Carrie said...

I LOOOOOVE FALL! Totally my favorite season, and also one that fills me with sentimentality.

We are sisters, separated at birth, yes?

Enjoy your pie, and the Piglet and the leaves! I think I might get to venture outside to watch hubby and A collect some leaves for a collage. I wish I was stomping around, too, but I don't want to crush any unsuspecting squirrels with my girth, either.

I hope this time next year, we are posting cutie pants pictures of our big sibling kids and our little multiples! :)

'Murgdan' said...

Mmmmm. Pie. Love it. Sounds good. *off to find pie*.....and I too LOVE Fall. It's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love fall too - it is my favorite! I ate an entire box of stove top stuffing - so I hear you about the cravings.

I forgot to take my zofran this morning - shows how much better I am feeling - but an hour later the nausea reminded me!

Sunny said...

Wow, way to go on that pie! lol I am very impressed.

I love fall too... this crisp weather is absolutely fabulous. And the holidays right behind it, awesome!! I can't wait for the day when DH and I take our three little munchkins through the neighborhood to go Trick Or Treating. :)

Jamie said...

6 days in with twins and a toddler... and it already feels like they have all always been here. It's hard. There is a lot less sleep. And I am grateful for the time I had with just Bo. But I know this is how it was suppose to be... even though it is going to be very difficult.

Peach pie sounds good... :)

Sunny said...

The doppler arrived in three days, very quick!

Actually, the B6 and 1/2 unisom aren't really helping with the nausea. It does really help me sleep, though!! The phene-whatever medicine helped a bit, but it knocked me out so bad I couldn't function. I take a daily Zofran but I'm not really sure it's doing all that much. I'm just hoping it lets up in a few weeks.

So if you really do have half a pie left... I'm on my way over. ;)

Sunny said...

The non-profit thing was kinda a joke. :) But I did work at a non-profit before staying home. I was a mental health counselor and the practice I worked for was a non-profit. And because I was still working towards licensure, and thus taking a lot of pro bono cases, I was basically a non-profit myself. :)

Christie said...

Can't think of a better food to eat while pregnant than pie. Good for you and good for the babies, too.

Cameron said...

I've always loved pie waaaay more than cake. My birthday is later this month and when I was growing up I always asked for a pumpkin pie for my birthday "cake"! :) My grandpa always asked my mom to make a lemon meringue... she makes *everything* from scratch, from making the crust to zesting and squeezing the lemons to making the perfect egg white meringues. DANGIT NOW I WANT PIE.