Thursday, October 22, 2009

My trio accessorized

So you know how we all have friends, you know those friends who are ridiculously creative and can make stuff with their BARE HANDS?  And I don't mean lowly home cooks like me who make cupcakes from scratch and run three victory laps in celebration.  I mean people who can make a LIVING from the things they create with their BARE HANDS.  And it's some cool stuff people.  

My friend, the maven over at Create Beauty Daily is one of those people.  She was inspired to start her business after her MIL sent her a pretty necklace for her birthday. Said MIL had bought it at a craft fair or something and accidentally left the price tag on. Miss Maven was all "She paid WHAT?  I could totally make this."  

And so she did. 

And Create Beauty Daily was born.  

Pretty nifty, eh?  

What's even niftier is that she customizes things based on whim of the client.  

So when she posted a photo of a necklace with two connected rings, I commented and asked if she could make it with THREE connected rings instead.  

Because I am all about TROIS as you well know.

Lo and behold, a few days later, she posts THIS on Facebook. 

A necklace named just for MOI!  MVK and my trio are now immortalized in sterling silver. 

Now tell me you aren't a teeny tiny bit envious?  

Psssh.  You *know* you are!  

And being the clever, creative and also funny person she is, she priced it at $33 USD.  

Clever, I tell you, so very clever.  
Maybe, just maybe if you go to her website (which links to her Etsy store) and ask a question or make an awesome suggestion, she might name something after you too. 


But don't hold your breath.  

Because she is so very creative she might just want to name it herself. 

Did I mention she makes things with her BARE HANDS? 

*P.S. Dear FCC, No products were given or exchanged for this freaking awesome endorsement.


'Murgdan' said...

Beautiful trio...very nice. :-)

Cameron said...

LOL! :) Thanks so much! :) The trade-off, because of course there's always one, is that my house is a disaster. Clean, but disorganized. The life of an artist, right? :P

And I would be happy to work with anyone who wants anything custom made for the holidays (or thereafter). :)

Thanks for the celebrity endorsement, MVK! :)

Sunny said...

SOOOOOO cute. I just might have to get one to represent my little trio.... :)

Meredith said...

I love your trio necklace!

Maren said...

I saw this photo on your facebook and have already purchased and received two necklaces! The first is a "Secret Hope" necklace that she was able to personalize with my own words for my sister's Christmas present. It's perfect. And the second is a "Reject Fear" necklace for myself. I love them :)

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Anonymous said...

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