Friday, October 16, 2009

In the water?

Mr. K came home a few weeks ago telling me that the insurance premiums at his company were going up because of "all the twins" (and some major back surgeries, etc.). What twins, I asked?  How could they already know about our twins?  Then he told me that three other families at his company had had twins in the past year. Two fraternal and one identical. There are about 350 employees where my husband works, so three (and soon to be four) sets of twins in a one-year period are kind of a red flag I guess.  From what I know, none of the other twins are a result of ART though.

Mr. K works with one of the twin dads on a fairly regular basis and he took this hilarious video of him before a meeting the other day. (Gotta love the 3Gs.)  As I watched it, Mr. K kept saying "Look how tired he looks! Look at the bags under his eyes!"  My thoughts?  The guy is showered, dressed and there appears to be hair product in his coif.  Doesn't seem that tired to me!  ;)   Though he does refer to one of the twins as "it" and says "cycular" which I am pretty sure is a hybrid of *real* words such as "cyclical" and "circular." Bahaha!

Then again, better stop laughing because in a few months, instead of laughing at this video, I might be crying alongside it.



PDXTwins said...

Go twins. That dad looks totally together. He even correctly buttoned his shirt. “It” is an acceptable name, as is “this one” and “that one”. Also, if you get your twins on a schedule, you will rarely have "cycular" issues.

Ang said...

that was fantastic

Cameron said...

LOL! Yup, better not laugh too hard!! :)

Jammie J. said...

He's smiling while he's talking, can't be THAT bad. :)

Sunny said...

I agree with Jammie -- there is a smile on his face, even if it's in a sort of ironic way. My husband did so poorly on sleep deprivation with ONE child that he probably could have killed someone if they asked him how it was going. I think this guy is doing quite well. :)