Thursday, October 15, 2009

My latest obsessions

1. Glee
2. Fritos
3. Creating the best and most awesome train track configuration for Piglet
4. 10/29
5. shoe stretching products
6. Lucy yoga pants
7. Trying not to think about selling my beloved car.
8. Holiday Globe seedless grapes
9. Honeycrisp apples (no, not the cereal and if you are only seeing small ones you are shopping at the wrong place. Locals, try Zupan's.)
10. convincing Piglet to wear hats and bibs
11. my friend Carrie who is going to deliver triplet boys ANY DAY NOW
12. Mad Men
13. our Christmas card
14. Piglet in fleecy footie PJs in the my little bear.
15. Laughing Cow Cheese...La Vache qui rit c'est mon amie!  


'Murgdan' said...

YES! I am so glad someone else has discovered the crack that is Honeycrisp apples? Crack Apples. Are they not the best thing EVER?!? I will never eat another type of apple again. They have ruined me.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on items 5 and 7.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I am enjoying reading about your family. Piglet is sooooo adorable. He makes me smile. Congratulations on having twin GIRLS!!! that's my guess anyway.


Carrie said...

I KNOW! 10/29 IS COMING SO SOON! Sorry, I do think that warranted all caps.

Your blog may be the only one I have a moment to check after my big day of 10/26- so maybe... just text me. I am still thinking boys, but I am generally wrong!

Yoga pants, Mad Men and Honeycrisps together? HEAAAAVEN.


Anonymous said...

I am so sad you have to sell your car. I guess three car seats would be tight in any car. Are you going van?

I love glee too.

Jess said...


Sunny said...

Glee... really? Crap. I was hoping everyone was finally starting to hate this show. I DVR it every week, even though I don't want to... and it drives me nuts every time I watch it. I like the songs, but seriously -- the wife is going to fool her husband into thinking she's pregnant for 9 months, then adopt some teenager's baby WITHOUT HIM KNOWING? I feel like such an idiot, I just don't get it. :)