Monday, June 29, 2009

Time to go to the mattresses.

So those of you who follow my blog know I have written about a person in my life who is unkind to and about my Piglet.  We are talking *very* critical.  Of my ONE year-old. Of my parenting style. It sucks.  Every single time (seriously, every single time) I soften my resolve, let my guard down and think there is actually a real friendship there, I get an open-handed, Tina-and-Ike style smack across the face.  

The kind of slap that says 


Why not retaliate?  Throw a couple of sucker punches myself?  It would be, after all, my child I'd be defending.  It's not that I'm such a great person that I wouldn't go manu-e-manu with this person.  

Because I would. 

And I would win.  

Because I'm bold and honest.

Not terminally passive-aggressive.  

Like this person.

But here's the problem.  She talks smack about P-I-G-L-E-T and I refuse to stoop to that level.  Sure, I could talk up some shizzle about her tot.  But I don't and I won't. Because her tot is just that - a tot, a baby.  Babies are innocent, blameless. Not to mention that talking crap about a baby is way below the diaper belt.  

Did I mention that most of the digs and insults strewn at Piglet are about his physical appearance?  Not even digs disguised as compliments.  Just outright rudeness sometimes followed by an awkward giggle.

For the record, she is criticizing the little one below.

Can anyone tell me WHAT could be so objectionable about the baby pictured above? 

Does looking at his chubby cheeks and boyish haircut make you want to lash out at him or at me?  Does his eager smile make you want to say "baby, I'm not really sorry but you are unattractive"?  I know, it's that his favorite pastime is kissing other babies, right?





Several of my real friends have weighed in on this issue.  They say that the meanness comes from some sort of huge freaking chip on her shoulder or not so deep-seeded insecurity about herself or her kid. Probably true.  In which case, I should feel sorry for her.  I should probably pray for her.  Too bad what I want to do is pull her hair and poke at her eyes.  
And I'm not saying my child is perfect, but he's mine and I love him and that should be enough for anyone not to take him to task at the age of ONE.  Seriously.  Who does that?

Sometimes I wish she would say mean stuff about ME.  Then I wouldn't hesitate. Not for a second. I could retaliate and say

Take THAT. 



Chrissy said...

I think piglet's really cute :D I lurk in here just to oggle piglet *grin*

Mom of a 6 month old girl who has WAY less self restraint than you - I would have lashed out already if I were in your shoes...

Jamie said...

Piglet is absolutely adorable. I have no idea why ANYONE would say anything mean about him. How ridiculous.

She obviously has much deeper issues... something else is going on there as this isn't about Piglet. He's adorable, cute, and smart.

Sorry you have to deal with such an ass.

Cameron said...

Or you could just quit hanging out with her. :) So sorry she's being mean to cute Piglet! And to you, by extension... you know that's really what it's about, right? I think you have every right to call her out... you don't have to "hit back," you can just call her out about it... "You know, not only does it bother me when you say things like that, but it also makes you look immature and bitter."

Tricia R said...

If this is one of your true friends you will find it in you to call her on it and she will respect that this hurts you. It must somehow make her feel like a better person when she puts him down and inturn you. What she does not realize is that she now has all of you blog readers hurt by her actions. Every child is beautiful in some way and it is no ones job to judge anothers little piece of them. Be the bigger berson and confront her about it and move on if she continues to insult him.

Marketing Mama said...

Okay that sucks. Yes, you are being the bigger person - but I think enough is enough and it's time for a smack down.

Think of it this way - you are a mama bear. She's attacking your young (with words, but still). Come up with a good comeback NOW and practice it - so next time she says something stupid you are ready to lay it on her.

Here are a few for your consideration:

1. Why do you think it's okay to say mean things about my child?

2. Are you under the assumption that I like it when you say rude things like that about my baby?

3. On what planet do you think it's acceptable to talk shit about someone's baby IN FRONT OF THEM?

4. It is NOT okay for you to say things like that to me about my child. Time for you (or me) to go.

Meredith said...

I can't believe anyone would be so immature. Piglet is one of the cutest munchkins I've ever seen! And you know I think you're fabulous! This person clearly has major issues. She's definitely insecure about herself and her child and she's jealous of you and Piglet. You're a better person than me - I don't think I'd have to lay the smack down on her if I were in your shoes...just about her, not her kid. Cut this person out of your life...who needs that? Life is too short.

Katell said...

I CANNOT understand how someone can say anything bad about such a litte cute boy, and above that pretend to be your friend !!

Sadly, we live far away, but I know deep down in my heart you are a fantastic mom and an awesome person, you will find your way out of this situation.

Lots of love and big huggs from the other side of the ocean.

BTW, I luuuuuvvvv the duck bath tub :=)

Ms. A said...

This is not a friend. This is a toxic human who is deeply unhappy and seeks to bring down those around her. There is nothing you could say/do that would make her be rational, normal, nice. Any retaliation on your part, any defense you might throw up she would just take, mutilate, and do everything she could to make you feel worse.

Piglet is perfect. Absolutely perfect. And you are a lioness of a mother.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Someone actually said something mean about Piglet??!! WTF?? Let me at them. I will kick their fat-a$$ for you!

How can anyone say anything about a sweet adorable & innocent baby? She is obviously jealous because Piglet is soooooo damn adorable!!

Give him a huge kiss!

Love, Nathalie :)

Sissie said...

I don't know you, but I started a blog and saw yours. Your children caught me eye, I have twins that are 4 and a 2 year old. I can relate to your day to day with 3 small children. Most of my friends only have one or two children and just don't get it. The 3rd one throws you off, or at least it does me. That person doesn't seem like a true friend, who would say such ugl things about a child. He is soooooooo freaking cute! All your boys are. Stay tuff, thanks for sharing. Sissie Ahn