Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Daddy

Happy Father's Day!  Thank you for carrying me around on your back (like a mule) while we take our long weekend walks.  Thank you for sharing your Americanos with me. Thank you for doing anything over and over again as long as it makes me laugh. Thank you for teaching me how to gently pet my dog, how to turn the pages of a book and how to do push-ups (to impress the ladies). Thank you for all the baths, books and bites of your dinner.  You are the absolute best daddy even though Mommy sometimes doesn't think so when you forget to empty the Diaper Champ.  

I love you Daddy!  

Your Piglet 


Carrie said...

Happy Father's Day to Piglet's Daddy! (I decided not to say the Big Piglet, because that would make him a pig, right?)

I love the pictures of them together- especially the one in the snow. You have got some sweet boys there.

Misty said...

What great pictures of your piglet and husband! I just wanted to say "thank you so much for all of your nice comments and support." Wishing you tons of luck with your up coming adventure.

Jess said...

The picture of him in the vest and hat is absolutely adorable. What a great father son team!

Anonymous said...

Great posting!