Friday, June 19, 2009


Piglet has been really verbose lately.  He just chatters away to me, to himself, to the dog, to no one in particular.  It's so funny!  I'll hear him bossing around the dog, saying "dohhhh" (down) and "uh-oh" or rather his version of "uh-oh" which you'll hear in the video below. It just cracks me up! It's hilarious the way his little face gets very serious because he's inching towards the "oh" in "uh-oh."  As for his "excited" expression, he's been doing that for months, so it was great to be able to capture it in tandem with "uh-oh." Finally, in honor of his very favorite food in the world, I thought I would include him saying "cheese."  :)  

By the way, yes, I did finally just let the poor kid eat his wagon wheel. Ha!

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ang said...

oh my god, I am laughing at the adorableness of piglet.