Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who me? Oh really, you shouldn't have...

I honestly thought I would never get another blog award because I've been nominated for two different ones by fabulous bloggers Cartside and Sunny and (hanging head in shame) I have yet to complete one. I swear the blog entries are started, but I just get so caught up in the details of each that I get worn out and my head gets fuzzy and then I somehow find myself hitting "save now" instead of "publish post" and well that's how I came to believe that I would *never* receive another blog award!

That said, my newfound bloggy homie who clearly did not know of my failures in the blog award realm decided to nominate little old moi one more time. And because I'm awake due to a pubic symphysis flare up (prenatal cradle just arrived today, am working up the nerve to try it on, apparently the universe says I need to do that stat), I saw her generous nomination (Internets, she is a *famous* IF blogger! Everyone knows Meinsideout!).

The guidelines of this award require that I list seven 'interesting' facts about myself. So I'm going to try for interesting and not laborious but please don't hate me if they end up being the latter!

1. Mr. K and I met at a bookstore. In fact, it is the largest independent bookstore in the world. He likes to joke that he dragged me out of the self-help section. My husband, so witty.

2. At Mr. K's company party back in 2005, I sat down with a fortune teller and asked her the age-old question 'How many children will I have?' She sat there, admired my "very deep and long life line," smirked and said "It won't happen right away, in fact it might take a year or two, but you will have two children very close together." To which I responded "Oh good, I've always wanted to have children close in age." To which she rebutted "No, I mean closer than that. I mean TWINS." So when we were going through our IF crap that is harder than anything else I have endured in my life journey, I was convinced that when it finally worked, we'd be pregnant with twins. Then when we found out we had only one strong little piggie, I laughed at my own naivety and wrote off the whole twins prediction.

Who's laughing now?

3. I am a very clean, neat person by nature. I love order. I won't eat in a place that seems unsanitary. I blame my mother. However, after I married Mr. K who isn't dirty persay, but very messy and a big fan of leaving random crap everywhere, I eased up a little on the neat part. I still need things to be clean though. Then after Piglet arrived, I basically let things go even more. My house is still pretty clean and I pick up the house before anyone, even our beloved nanny comes over, so I'm still hanging on, if only by a thread!

4. I'm an Apple convert. I used to be a strictly N.okia phone, PC/Windows loving woman. A few months before Piglet was born and despite my protestations that I didn't need "that much phone" Mr. K surprised me by just going out and getting me the iPhone (First Generation, baby!). I was tentative but slowly started to see the light. Then as one of my "push presents" he got me a MacBook. It was shiny and white and while I had a hard time adjusting to some of the Mac-isms, I was hooked on the ease and intuitive nature of my new laptop. Fast forward two years and an upgrade to a shiny silver MacBook Pro later, I am a full-fledged convert. Mr. K and I now have approximately ten Apple devices between us and when the iPad makes its way to the shelves, you can make that 12. The day they announced the iPad, Mr. K was texting me excitedly "10 mins until iPad announcement!" Yes, it's true. We worship at the church of Apple. It's sad.

5. My friend Rebecca, who I affectionately refer to as my BFF in Atlanta, is one of my favorite people in the WORLD. She doesn't blog or I would link you there. Instead, we leave voicemails. And they are EPIC. And hilarious. Seriously, sometimes we start cracking up so hard while leaving voicemails that we snort. Sometimes we sing our voicemails to each other to the tune of Beethoven concertos. We confess our "bad mommy" moments to each other. I'm going to stop here before you think we are totally insane. Plus I can't go telling all our secrets. Oh wait, maybe just one more. We have never met in person; we met *gasp!* ON-FRICKIN-LINE on a due date message board when we were pregnant with our first little ones. But our friendship which has spanned three years and countless phone conversations and hilarious voicemails has proven that it's the real McCoy. Someday, when we are not bribing our boys with candy to let us change their diapers, we are going to go on a grand vacation together where we stay at the F.our Seasons and eat bonbons. Someday. I know this because she left me a voicemail about it.

6. I love all things Jane Austen. Six hours of the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice? Masterpiece Classics version of Emma? Colin Firth strutting out of the lake in what can only be categorized as a mid-century wet t-shirt contest? Please pass the crumpets and keep hitting rewind because I am never leaving this couch.

7. This is going to annoy you. And I am sorry. Because it's annoying to hear. But I'm going to say it anyway. I love my life. I love my husband. I love my children. Nothing is perfect, but it's pretty damn close and I count my blessings every single day.

WHEW. I hope reading all these "interesting" facts about me wasn't too tedious. They are kind of long...see what I mean? I wouldn't blame you if you skimmed through them. I got stuck there around #5, but I powered through. What a relief to have finally *earned* a blogger award! Thanks again to Meinsideout for nominating me! Third time's the charm. :)

P.S. - Cameron, to answer your question, yes Rebecca and I do actually talk to each other in real-time but with the three-hour time difference, traveling husbands and toddlers to chase, sometimes voicemails are the only way we can communicate!


Christie said...

Love the online friendships! No shame in being an Apple convert.

Anonymous said...

Not tedious at all! Very cute about how you met - and very funny! I love your sense of humor.

I am an apple convert too - I am typing away on my macbook pro right now!

I am so sorry you are up in agony...I feel like crap today and I *might* be running a fever - I am not going to delve into the realm of paranoia of everything I think it is right now...I am actually going to chug water and wait and see.

Cameron said...

So if you see her calling do you just not answer? Or do you ever talk on the phone in real time? That's awesome, though, I'm just wondering. :)

CtotheT said...

I met Elizabeth on a parenting website. Then we both ended up in Louisville. Fate. Weird, huh?

Amber said...

Sometimes voicemail is just the way to go with these busy lives. When one of my oldest and dearest friends calls, I usually let it go to voicemail... not at all because I don't want to talk to her. I just know we could talk for hours catching up, so we get all the big updates over with on voicemail and then just talk about little things in real time. In fact, it's gotten to the point that when she doesn't leave a voicemail, I know I need to call her back right away!

Anonymous said...

My support belt is in - I am being fitted for it on Tuesday....I hear you about crying out in pain from the pelvic agony - it is truly excruciating. Getting out of bed is the worst, especially at night. I am taking tylenol and it does take the edge off.

I puked from all of the acid reflux the other night...I honestly want to make it another two weeks at least so I am trying to stay positive and chipper about it!

Krissi said...

These are pretty interesting...speaking of awards, I nominated you for the "Honest Scrap" award! ;-)
By the way, I would love to feature your success story on my other blog:( I will leave the link through my name for the Q & A. Thanks!!
Also, how are you feeling? On bedrest yet? Hang in there...only a little longer! (My Ordinary Miracles)

Sunny said...

Note to self: ask mom to bring up a&e version of Pride and Prejudice. The perfect cure for some bedrest blues.

Love your list!

Anonymous said...

hi there - I went to BBW today - I got look ma new hands - LOVE IT!! I also got gifts for the L&D nurses - I put together gift bags with antibacterial soap, lotion and hand sanitizer.

I plan on getting my MFM practice a huge basket of godiva and starbucks with something special for the doc who delivers me - any ideas??

Katell, Javier et Aitana said...

Hummmmm, sorry to say so, but you did forget a few facts in there.... Sooooooo, I will had to your list:
- you never wear black and navy blue together, and notice when people do or don't.
- you like Ssssequila Tttttunrise
- you think a sheep blanket can fly :=)
- you're a wonderful friend !!!

Love you.