Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Man vs. (wife's choice of) Car

As promised, I am going to share the dialogue between Mr. K and I about our upcoming car purchase. Clearly you should not try to reason with a pregnant woman unless you are armed with a generous slice of pie or at the very least some candy.

Mr. K: Hey, I bought this "Car and Driver" (magazine) so we can look at how the SUVs are rated and then choose which one we're going to test drive and buy. I also bought a subscription to C.onsumer Reports so we can compare.

Me: But I already told you which car I want.

Mr. K: We should still know what we are getting. Btw, I *think* the car you chose got only OK reliability ratings.

Me: Really? No way. I don't believe it! I've driven this make of car for 12 years and I have never had a major problem. Those people reviewing the cars are suckers.

Mr. K: I just want you to look at some other cars.

Me: Why don't you want me to get what I want?

Mr. K: Babe, you *can* get whatever you want, I just want you to know all the facts and maybe test drive a few others before making your final choice.

Me: Hmph. Whatever! I can *totally* tell you are agenda pushing. I like what I've chosen, I'm comfortable driving this make of car, I've driven them for the past 12 years. If I'm going to have to drive a much bigger car, I want to be familiar with the way it handles.

Mr. K: I have no agenda! This is the biggest purchase we will make other than a house in the next few years! I just want you to see what else is out there, what else got high ratings.

Me: (Tearing up as the gnomes from the land called Irrationalnation begin to addle my brain.) I REFUSE to drive the same car as your mother! She will never let me live it down! I'm not doing it!!!

Mr. K: Who said anything about driving the same car as my mom?! What are you talking about?! (For the record it's actually quite a nice car, a L.exus SUV.)

Me: You won't be happy unless I I'm driving a Kia or a Hyundai! (Apparently I was *convinced* at the time that Mr. K only wanted me to drive a K.orean car.) And I am not driving a C.adillac!!!

Mr. K: (Laughs) Listen, I never said I wanted you to drive a K.orean car or a C.adillac! I just want you to read through the reviews and pick three or four cars to test drive. Maybe you will like some other car even better than the one you think you want.

Me: Don't laugh at me! I'm soooo tired! I don't think you fully appreciate how tired I am! And then all these salespeople, selling cars I don't even WANT will start calling me and harassing me to no end! (Tearing up again) I just want...what I want. I just, I...I need some pie.

Mr. K: (Heavy sigh)

Aren't you all just OVERCOME with jealousy that Mr. K is married to me?

Oh yessireebob I know you are!

Poor Mr. K.

Once, back when I was working, I was introducing a new staff member to the rest of the team. Somehow, Mr. K came up and I said "You'll hear me call him by his first and last name a lot, Mr. K" and one of the other gals piped up and said "actually you call him Poor Mr. K a lot." It was a funny realization and so true! I did and still do begin a lot of my anecdotes about him with "Oh, Poor Mr. K, the other day I made him..."

Every now and then, after we've had a "discussion" like the one above, I can hear my husband shuffling around the house muttering "Poor Mr. K, poor Mr. K..."

Hahahaha! Life with MVK, never boring and often times irrational. Shall I show you where to sign up?

On another note: I LOVE my delurking readers! Thank you for all your charming and wonderful comments. You all made me blush more than once (taking bow). And I have loved being able to link to your blogs (if you have them) in return!

Which reminds me, I really need to update my blog roll soon. Putting it on the list post haste! Right after I go read all those car reviews with an "open" mind. ;)

**Post edit**

In retrospect I realize that I sound TERMINALLY spoiled in the conversation above. Yikes! Hormones people, hormones. Dems to blame.


sprogblogger said...

Heheheh. My Boy knows that when I get that certain "woe is me" gleam in my eye, it's time for him to just back away with his hands in the air, only returning to offer me chocolate. Or pie. Pie sounds really good...

PDXTwins said...

Open mind because you might find something you like more that you never realized was out there. And give the dealers a fake number.

Cameron said...

The first new car I ever bought I bought in Vegas with Jason. It was such a HORRIBLE experience that we've bought used ever since then, I'm not kidding. I found out later that the dealership we used once refused to give my friend's keys and Driver's License back to him, trying to get him to make a deal... he had to call the cops and the dealer didn't give them back until the cops actually drove into the parking lot. CRAZY.

By which I mean, of course, have fun shopping for cars!! :) And be glad you don't have to do it in Vegas. :)

'Murgdan' said...

OMG. I just want a new car. But I don't think I'm getting one...Boo. Have fun on your test drive...and in the end...get what you want. At least then you can say you 'kept an open mind'....


Anonymous said...

Good luck - buying a car can really suck!

Anonymous said...

so...did you get your car?

Krissi said...

I went with an SUV for our wide enough for all the seats. Good luck in your purchase. Make sure there's pie on hand! ;-)

Katell said...

Go for it !! I still remember Licorice and it was awesome, so any choice you make can only be good :=) Tell Poor Mr K. I second you !!!

Sunny said...

You are giving me horrible flashbacks to when we purchased our mini-van a couple of months ago. The conversations were NOT pretty! And neither was the result. God I hate mini-vans.

Dwayne Melancon said...

I love my minivans. And they are ULEV (ultra low emissions vehicles) too! Cars are tools - get the right tool for the job.

And remember - with 3 kids get something big enough that you can seat them where they can't touch each other. You'll soon understand why that is soooo important.