Friday, January 22, 2010

At long last

An update.

From moi.

This post threatens to be so long that I almost think it deserves a foreward. No really. However, seeing as it's 10:29 p.m. on a Friday night and I'm fresh out of famous people or experts to write one, I'll just jump right in. For some reason, I'm feeling the list format for this one.

1. I saw Dr. Dreamy this week...the tie was green with a silvery diamond print and the shirt was crisp and white with a subtle tone-on-tone stripe. The loafers were black and shiny, but not too shiny. There were four hugs and much friendly banter. I may or may not have hugged too tightly back. Clearly my crush is still present and accounted for. In fact, when I took attendance, it jumped up and said "That's ME! I'm here! I'm here! Alive and kicking!" What can I say, old habits die hard. Good thing Mr. K is not the jealous type. For my new bloggy friends, you can read a bit about my obsession extremely professional relationship with the Dreamster here.

2. I bought more twin gear. Not just clothes, but real stuff that requires assembly and installation and swearing whilst using allen wrenches. I am now the owner of not one, but TWO double strollers. The nesting continues. Today I washed bottles even though I know I will have to wash and sterilize them again once the babes arrive. I just needed to go through the motions to remind myself how it all works. I found all my pump parts and milk storage stuff...ah the memories. I've already been scoping out places with the plumpiest cabbage.

3. I've been having a lot of contractions, both real and Braxton Hicks. I had my first episode of feeling short of breath and had to lay down on my side and drink lots of water before it passed. My OB says the contractions are to be expected with a second pregnancy and especially with multiples. I lost two pounds last week. What?!

4. Mr. K's company party was this week. I was bad, very bad and stood up and walked around for three straight hours. Because it was an all-company party with the folks from the UK and Japan in attendance, not to mention all other remote and local employees, Mr. K needed to make the rounds. I have to say I had a great time because I've been around long enough now that I have made friends of my own within the company. Plus, I got to see my pie-baking friends from the condo, Avery, Caden and Josie's mom and compare bellies with Dr. A. The only downside was that the next day my body said:

Oh, so *that's* how you want to play?!

Take THIS! (sciatic pain) and

THIS! (contractions) Oh, you still want more?

How 'bout a little of THIS! (toilet facial)

5. And last but not least an update on Les Twinks. A week ago Friday I had another appointment with my MFM practice. It was a standard fetal growth scan where they measure the babies growth, check their amniotic fluid, make sure all their important bits are present and no irregular bits have popped up. They also listen to the babies' heartbeats and take note of the BPM. It usually takes about 90 minutes or up to two hours if the babies are feeling particularly wily.

My ultrasound on this particular Friday took over three hours. It appears that Baby B has an arrhythmia so they did an immediate echocardiogram. Structurally his heart looks fine, no abnormalities so that rules out more serious types of arrhythmias. But I have to tell you, MY heart was in my throat when I heard his heart skip a beat on the doppler. I was all "What, why, um, did his heart just SKIP A FREAKING BEAT?"

My MFMS, who is a prince of a man (perhaps could have had Dreamy status were he about 20 years younger), and not at all alarmist, said that while many arrhythmias resolve themselves, he did not think Baby B's would. And for some reason in my mind, I still thought that it would be something he'd eventually outgrow, but nope. Dr. MFMS said that it would likely not cause him any problems in infancy, childhood or even adulthood. Adulthood - WHAT?! I was so sad to learn that it's something he'll probably have his ENTIRE LIFE. Eff.

The good news is it will not preclude him from doing anything (Mr. K's response was "Does it mean he can't run?!"). It just means he will be monitored for it his entire life. When I take the Twinks to the pediatrician, I'll always have to say "Oh and he's the one with the arrhythmia." As an adult, when filling out medical forms, he'll have to check the box with "arrhythmia." And while the news is not devastating, it it never feels good to hear that there is something, anything irregular or wrong with your child. And especially not a major organ. Sigh...

And were that not enough drama for one visit, my cervix shortened nearly one centimeter in a week to 3.4 cm. And while the sonographer was checking it for funneling she saw that I was having contractions that I WAS NOT FEELING. Eff!

I had another ultrasound this week and all looks the same - cervix still 3.4 cm and arrhythmia still present. Oh and the boys' weights are discordant for the first time ever. Baby B weighs 2lbs 12oz. and Baby A weighs 2lbs 6oz. At least they're both still fatties. :)


Amber said...

I must say, I was worried how you would feel the day AFTER the company party. I never saw you sit once... even when I had to sit down or I was going to pass out. And I haven't been close to pregnant in almost 3 years. Sorry to hear about the arrhythmia... no one wants to hear that their kid has any kind of "condition." I find it absolutely amazing that you could know this already (technology!) and already make plans for monitoring. All things considered, I bet it turns out to be a fairly minor hiccup.

sprogblogger said...

I've had an arrhythmia my whole life. I ran track, I ran cross-country, I'm healthy (mostly) as a horse. But when I go in for routine dr. appointments I mention it & they say, "yeah, no biggie" & I nod. Don't worry about it too much.

And it sounds like they (& you) are doing great!

Anonymous said...

How scary for you - but I am glad that you got some reassurance on the arrhythmia.

I am glad to hear your babies are still fatties - good company with my baby hueys!

So sorry for the toilet facial!!! I have not had one for a long time! (still on at least one zofran per day but I have not taken one today and still feeling great).

Sunny said...

I'm sorry your appointment wasn't all rainbows! But it sounds like the arrhythmia won't cause harm to your little munchkin, and your cervix is more than respectable for this point in a twin pregnancy. Just make sure you are getting enough REST, girl! You can expect me to get enough for both of us, bedrest or not. :)

Gabby said...

Gosh I love the blogosphere. I was a bit worried abotu you.. until I read sprogblogger's comment.

No big deal, we all have stuff that we will have our whole life.. So happy about that.

Take it easy, girl! :)

Anna said...

Take it easy! We want those boys to be in there at least 4 more weeks! Hire someone to do the assembly for twinks gear and to setup the nursery and to run Piglet to the playground. Seriously!

Kelly said...

So glad you have other blog commentators who can commiserate and (hopefully) reassure you that everything will ultimately be ok. That said, I am so sorry that there has to be any situation at all, even if minor. Thinking of you, MVK!!