Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First things first...

A long overdue post about the status of Les Twinks and life in general is in the works, but I didn't think I could leave you all hanging any longer with this birthday business. You've all endured me go on and on and on (puleeze someone, anyone make her stttttaaaahhp) for weeks now about Piglet's birthday parties and how I am




So I'll first regale you with photos from our last party! And captions! And too much cuteness for Thursday morning! Go on, leave the sugar out of that coffee, you'll get plenty here.

Piglet, upon returning home from balloon pick-up with his dad, discovers the sweets table.

The sweets table, version 2010.

Cupakes, buttercream and fondant, oh my!

What's a cupcake without a party hat clad Piglet? Boh-ring.

Yes I made all the little tags for the candy jars...

and the toppers for the the Voodoo doughnut tower. Why sleep just because you're tired? I mean, really. I can sleep when I'm dead, right?

To prove we did actually have food other than sugary goodness at the party, we also had fruit salad, homemade egg, spinach and mushroom biscuit sandwiches and potatoes O'Brien.

Because Piglet is all about being sustainable, he insisted on reusable treat bags for his friends. The contents? A train conductor's hat embroidered with each friend's name, a T.homas the Tank Engine (or polka dot for the girlies) fabric crayon roll-up, crayons and stickers.

A lollipop for breakfast? Sure, why not.

Cutie pie J.P. enjoying one of the many train-related toys.

C'est moi with my BFF (and goddaughter aka tater tot, Cate)

Our favorite neighbors, the Ulbrichs.

Moms and daughters and yellow sweaters were all the rage.

The McLachlans

Our local twin experts with their cute girls.

Getting ready to blow out the candles! Piglet would *only* wear the party hat when there was a cupcake with lit candles in front of him and people singing the Happy Birthday song to him. Any other time and he would run away shrieking "No ank (thank) you! Nooooo ank you!"

Ridiculously overly-enthusiastic parents.
Look at us.

Blowing out the candles *again* because, it was Piglet's favorite part. :)

Party favor distribution! Jacob thought the hat looked better on mom.

"The cupcake is great, but WHAT is this sweet colorful stuff on the top?! That's my favorite part!"

Top of the 'mornin' to you!

More conductor hat pictures...of course everyone wore theirs except for the birthday boy. Figures.

I can't eat anymore candy! I'm all sugared out!
(My friend suggested we make a gummy bear outline of him...bahahahaha!)

Well okay, maybe just *one* more piece.

Piglet's T.homas ride-on train was a hit!

Goodbye hugs for friends.

And some friends, Piglet did not want to part with. :)


Anonymous said...

You are an animal - for putting all of that together - you should be proud!

Piglet is so stinking cute - I loved the cutouts.

I can't wait to hear about the Twinks - you look fabulous BTW.

Cameron said...

Soooo cute! The sweets table was adorable and not nearly as over-the-top as I thought it would be. :) What awesome gift bags you gave everyone! Hooray for cool stuff like that instead of plastic junk. ;)

Cameron said...

p.s. Congratulations on two years of parenthood!! :)

Carrie said...

I am in awe! What a gorgeous spread of sweets and I love the favor bags, too! Wonderful, well-styled party for your sweet little man.

I am inviting myself to Piglet's birthday V.3, FYI.


Amber said...

Wow! No wonder you're exhausted (well, not that you shouldn't be anyway, given the Twinks and all)... that is quite a party! I love the picture of Piglet sprawled out on the floor. Can you say sugar coma??? What a lucky boy!

(Nice to meet you in person the other night, BTW!)

Jessica said...

He blew those candles out like a pro! So cute!

Anna said...

Adorable! Where did you get those (cup)cake stands? (they look like three cake stands that you have stacked?)

Anonymous said...

man, i'm tired just looking at all of that work! seriously. i may need to hire you to help with the twins first birthday!!

...and i want some candy! and a cupcake!! everything looked awesome!


Christie said...

What an awesome party! Love the hats and candy and fondant usage! I hope you were able to take a nice long nap afterward. Happy birthday to your little man.

JM said...

Wow, all of this and you're pregnant with twins?! Amazing! I can't even manage this while carrying just myself around. And P.S. Good call on the VooDoo, you are starting Piglet out right.

Sarah said...

MVK, the party was great, really great and these pics are awesome! Piglet is sooo cute! xo

Sunny said...

BEAUTIFUL party. I think my favorite detail was the cupcake with the pic of Piglet in his party hat sticking out of it. :)

Looks like it was a lot of work, but what great pictures you will always have to remember the day. Well done, you twin-baking-and-party-planning maven!!

Gabby said...

wow - what an amazing party! i love all the photos! glad to see youhave a resident twin expert nearby. I need to get me one of those!

can't wait for an update on the twinks!