Saturday, October 25, 2008

Introducing My BFD friend's daughter! Some people have guest bloggers, I have guest daughters. A little about Miss A:
  • She is just over two years old
  • She can say and do anything you can say and do
  • She is a ham (of the finest variety)!
  • She has giant curls
  • She looks and acts like her dad but there's a lot of her mom there too (shout out to my BFJess)
  • She is smart as a whip.
  • She sings lots of songs for me like "itsy bitsy 'pider."
  • She calls me "Aunt Maggie"
  • She is the cutest babe to ever walk the earth and I am IN LOVE with her!
  • After viewing this video you will a) see what I mean and b) also be in love with Miss A.
I give you, Miss A...(after a large-ish piece of pumpkin loaf spiked with chocolate chips) and dressed in part of her Halloween costume.


Anonymous said...

OMG. Thank you for capturing this. This was so much fun. A has been talking about piglet all day long...

Marketing Mama said...

She's adorable! :)