Wednesday, October 8, 2008

giggle, clap, ya-ya

Warning: These videos are rated
G for Grandparents.
As in, grandparents might be the only people who appreciate and enjoy them. Hooray if you happen to like them too!

Piglet started clapping to the beat of the music after just one Music Together class. The music you hear in the background is the CD of songs from our class. He also loves to boogie along too.

This video is one loooooong giggle. He stops between giggles to click his tongue which we think is hilarious. Sometimes even he clicks his tongue in the middle of the night! Anyway, we've never captured his giggle for this length of time so we thought we would archive it here.

Piglet's "vocabulary" has started to include lots of vowel sounds. I'm hoping that this "ya-ya" morphs into "mama" very soon. ;)


Joy said...

Ok, the giggling/tongue clicking video is absolutely adorable!!! And, what a great little clapper he is! He could teach Sloan a thing or two...she REFUSES to clap even though her sisters do it all the time. He's adorable!

Marketing Mama said...

too. cute. for. words.



Anonymous said...

Reid is going to have abs of steel if he keeps laughing that much. Hopefully he has a good sense of humor like both of his parents :)

morganrenee said...

I love it! I love the little fake cough at the end too. Any progress on "mama?"