Sunday, October 12, 2008

Piglet's Nine Month Update

Piglet continues to grow and thrive and we are so happy and also a little wistful for his disappearing babyhood.  Probably the most startling changes he made this month were in the mobility and communication department.  He crawls or rather drags himself EVERYWHERE.  Gone are the days where I could step into the hallway to grab something really fast!  Now if I go somewhere, I need to haul Piglet with me.  My left bicep is getting curiously bigger than my right.  There is a direct correlation between this and Piglet's mobility.  No really.  Oh and his hair is also getting what dh calls "bushy."  We both have really thick manes of hair, so Piglet better start saving up for a lifetime of frequent haircuts.  I'm trying to hold off on any haircutting until at least his first birthday.  

Stats: 21.9lbs, 29.5 inches in length.  Continues to be in the 50%-60% which seems crazy since he seems so huge to us,

Piglet LOVES
  • Cheerios
  • taking bites of food e.g. bananas, apples, cheese
  • pretending that he's shy when you say hello
  • when you blow in his ear
  • when you smell his feet and pretend they smell bad 
  • hanging out on the floor with his dog
  • peeling up the area rug and looking underneath
  • laptop computers
  • yogurt 
  • going tummy surfing
  • clapping his hands to the beat
  • sleeping with his arms spread wayyyy out
  • when you sing him silly songs
  • the hip carry in the Ergo Baby
  • the Farmer's Market
  • toys that make loud noises
  • toys that aren't really toys
  • shredding magazines
  • making a huge splashy mess in the tub
  • giggling in his sleep

Piglet is OVER
  • being spoon-fed
  • wearing socks
  • all pureed foods
  • not getting what he wants (this is alarming)
  • playing with blocks
  • anything you stack high, he knocks it down immediately
  • the Bjorn
  • getting his face washed
  • bibs, especially plastic ones
  • taking three naps a day
  • sitting in his high chair for more than 20 minutes
  • anything but water in his sippy cup

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