Thursday, July 15, 2010



I did it again! I made you feel unloved and abandoned!

I'm sad.

I'm ashamed!

I'm sorry.

Aaaannnnd, I was maybe a little busy.

Sometimes while I'm sitting at a red light, I find myself daydreaming about blog entries. Of course, frequently, by the time I get in front of my laptop (which is usually hours later), the blog entry idea is gone.


Not to be mistaken for POOP! which also occurs frequently.

What I really need to do is use the memo recorder app on my iPhone to remedy this problem. I just can't bring myself to do it though because I feel like Piglet would be in the back seat in his furry throne car seat thinking "Wow, my mom's kind of a tool."

Anyway, even though not all of them made it out of the ol' thinking cap, here are some the the headlines that survived:

He pooped!
I survived!
Loved ones.
Chubba bubba.
Party house.
My doula, my dealer.
Vice and make it a double.
More from Mr. K
Eat, Play, Sleep (newly added!)

If any of these catch your fancy (please forgive, as I only have boys, I need to flagrantly use the word 'fancy' as much as possible), leave me a comment and tell me which ones. Based on popularity (because pssht, popularity is *everything*), I'll write my next blog entry.

For now, where words fail, pictures speak.

Here's a glimpse into life at Maison Piglet over the past month.


Oh WHOOPS! How did that picture of Mr. K's arse, butt, BOTTOM get in there?

And yes, that moo juice? It's from one session. And dems 10oz bottles.



Love Letters To China said...

Wow are those two little ones huge! I can't believe how big they've gotten already. Powerful stuff in those bottles. ;-) Your boys are absolutely adorable!

Totally understand why you haven't had a second to blog. I think I'm intrigued by "Vice and make it a double".

Glad to see everyone is doing so well.

MGerson said...

Adorable pictures (as always). I love that R isn't afraid to hold hands. J keeps trying hold her boyfriend's hand and he pulls it away with a look of horror on his face. I can't believe it starts at 2. hahaha Oh, and holy "moo juice" Batman! Sending you and your little cuddle bugs lots of hugs!

Gloria said...

Holy Schnikes that's a lotta momma juice! Zowie! How do you hold those girls up? Keep up the good work (I can almost hear that overworked little vacuum pump whirring now).

Jess said...

The last picture of the boys is priceless. I can't believe how big they are getting!

Jamie said...

Your guys are looking gorgeous and chunkie:) I'm going with Chubba bubba or maybe My Doula, my dealer.

Maren said...

I want "Eat, Play, Sleep!"

Anonymous said...

i want to hear how your doula is your dealer!

cutest. baby. pics.ever!!!

oh...and btw: my boobs are jealous of your boobs!

Kristin said...

Oh no, Piglet has a GF! They are all too precious.

My vote is for "My Doula My Dealer"

'Murgdan' said...

Funny. The question I was going to ask is....'did you pump all that in one session'. And DAYUM, cuz i was all proud of my 7oz today....but I only have one (child, not boob), and in all fairness my right boob was still yielding when I quit. ;-)

I want to hear about the doula...since I'm still dreaming up ways to publicly smear mine.

Anonymous said...

Holy boob milk Batman! I was gunna post of my freezer stash because I was pretty freakin proud of my 50+ oz a week overage but that is a mind numbing amount of milk. I didn't even know they made 10 oz bottles!

And I vote for My Doula, My Dealer

Cameron said...

1) HOLY MOO. Wow! Wow and wow.

2) You hold yourself to ridiculous standards. But we already knew this. ;)

3) Since I follow you on Twitter I already know about My Doula, My Dealer, so I'm voting for Vice and Make It a Double. I can also probably guess on that one but I still want to read it. :)

4) xoxoxo

Gabby said...

i'm thinking you're on the Dom. And I TOTALLY want to hear about it. My D, My D. PLEASE!!!!!!

Come on. miss mvk, write 'em all! You busy or soemthing? Ha ha ha..

I can say that, cause it's one twin mom to another.. although you are one up on me with Piglet.

Can't wait to hear more about your 20 ounces!!!