Sunday, July 18, 2010

Milking it

You knew this was coming. So many of you commented about the milk picture that I thought I should dedicate a short entry just to this subject.

To Gabby who wondered if I'm taking Domperidone to increase my milk supply: w
ould you believe the answer is no? No Reglan either. Or Fenugreek. Or Mother's Milk Tea!

I do, however take a daily dose of Starbucks which I chase with an every-other-day dose of booze. :) Whatever it takes, right?

In all seriousness, I do feel *extremely* fortunate to have a milk supply that can support two giant, growing babies. There's a certain sense of pride that comes with looking at two babies who are all rolls and dimples and knowing I made it so. My inner dialogue usually goes something like this: I DID THAT! MADE THEM FAT! That roll over there? ME! Those three rolls down below? ME TOO! Those dimples everywhere? ALL MOI! SQUEE!

I also sometimes think this when I look at myself too closely. Though it's with much less triumph and I usually pass the blame to Haagen Daz. Damn them!

When Piglet was a baby, I would literally drown him in milk. Poor thing. It was always too much, my body just couldn't help itself! And now I know why my body did this -- in preparation for Les Twinks. See? EVERY PART OF ME IS A PLANNER.



If you weren't convinced of that before, you should be now.

It's real and it's deep, people.


I do have to send a shout-out to all nursing, pumping moms. Even when you make a lot of milk and under the best of conditions, this crap is hard. Yes, sometimes it's serene and sweet but it can also be grueling. It takes serious dedication and commitment and I salute you. I am with you in the trenches every day!

Coming soon to a blog near you, "My doula, my dealer" in HD.

But in the meantime, here are some recent pictures to whet your palate. (Apologies for the use of the word "whet," have been watching period movies again!)

P.S. Yes, I really *am* doing what you think I'm doing in that picture. Dude. You KNOW I'm a multi-tasker!


'Murgdan' said...

Beautiful! Also, that picture of piglet feeding the babes is priceless! I second the Starbucks + Booze strategy. See, I told you we need to hang out.

Brock and Shana said...

Love it. Love it all!

Anonymous said...

I hear you - I am pumping my brains out - throwing a full time gig as an attorney into the mix has not bade the breast feeding/pumping easier!

The kids are soooo cute!

Jeni said...

Rah rah you! That production is incredible, no wonder you have some happy healthy (and chubby) little boys.

Vaso said...

Congratulations on the milk supply!!! I second the whole Starbucks and booze approach. Once I delivered, my first question to the lactation consultant was if I could have a drink. I am sure she thought I was nuts...

The Marketing Mama said...

I love you. That is all. :)

Gabby said...

okay, okay, I'm in.. Tell me exactly what to order at Starbucks and what kind of booze we are talking about.

Because I'm trying to feed my two, and not getting anywhere near as much as you.

Just started the Dom, and the Fenugreek did help a little.. But, not enough...

Love the photos!! Have been wondering how you manage with an older child and Les Twinks.. That's how.. you put him to *work*.. So smart, you!

Jamie said...

I've always been a huge milk producer too. Apparently our bodies new that twins were in the future... :) Do you think your milk production is impacting weight loss?

I'm all for a daily dose of Starbucks. I found a Venti Frap really helped keep my milk supply up in the beginning. :)

Sunny said...

*bowing down to your impressive milking skills*


I have some big chunkers myself, but I'm making juuuuust enough for both of them. Pumping on top of nursing? Hah, not happening.

As always, I stand in awe of you!

Carrie said...

Wow. aMAZing milk supply! I only average 2 oz per pumping session for my singleton, but thankfully I've been able to stay ahead of her. I know what you mean about taking pride in your chunker babes! I always remind my husband how I grew every cell in her body from my body; he contributed a small package of DNA, but all the organic matter is from mama!!! Keep up the good work!

Carrie said...

Okay, the caffeine & alcohol supposed to help milk increase supply?? Or just your sanity? Miss MVK, please comment!

Cameron said...


Stay At Home Mom said...

I wish I had your milk supply when I was nursing. I only had too little even with regular pumping. Your kids look adorable. I like the multi tasking picture with two babies being fed. Priceless!

Teacher Gaby said...

Goooosh, what a cute big family! hehehe And congrats for been a multi-tasker! =)
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See you!