Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last week I logged onto my blog to start a new blog entry for the 674th time in two days. As usual, I started writing, wrote two lines and then promptly got interrupted by, well, you know, LIFE WITH THREE UNDER TWO or some lame excuse like that.

Somewhere around try number 539, I noticed that I'd gone from 63 followers to 62.


I lost someone.

A reader!

A URL friend!

In the course of a week, someone who used to find me worthy of following, deemed me no longer worthy. And with one swift CLICK, the deed was done.

I was out of their life and feed forever.

They might as well have UNFRIENDED ME, that's how much it smarted.

I'll admit, I *might* have obsessed about it.

Just a little.

Just a teeny bit.

Just -- oh who am I kidding, you all know me too well anyway.

It was a lot.

Because even though I had twins ten weeks ago and can barely string together two coherent sentences, I still found the time to obsess.

Because I'm still, you know, ME.

(Sidenote: Go me! Way to retain your former identity!)

Then I got to thinking.

Wait! There are still 62 followers out there! Sixty two AWESOME followers! Who at some point said to themselves "Hey, this MVK is kind of psycho, OCD, entertaining! I think I'll stay tuned!"



(What can I say, once diagnosed, the prognosis for the Disease to Please is abysmal.)

Then I thought - I need to return the love! I need to show them I'm still here! I need to keep them laughing (and following)!

So here is the reward you all so richly deserve, for following along on what has become a somewhat sporadic recounting of our daily lives.

Aren't you glad you stayed?

I surely am.

P.S. Nursing moms and moms who have ever nursed, I know you know what those things that Piglet tossed over the bed are. Word.

P.P.S. Note Mr. K's guitar in the glider chair, yes, he's still strumming my pain.


'Murgdan' said...


Love Letters To China said...

What a little cutie you have on your hands! So glad you're still going strong. I can't even imagine what your life is like now with three. I'm exhausted with just the two of mine. Now summer vacation is in full swing.... yikes!

Thanks for your comment... must have been during a middle of the night feeding. I so remember those days. ;-)

The Marketing Mama said...

I bet that person that dropped off just disabled their whole blog account - they couldn't have unsubscribed from YOU - oh no...

Love the video. Adorable. Not embarrassing at all. :)

JM said...

Ha, what a cutie :). I am pretty sure I recall an instance of my oldest wearing one of those for a hat back during my nursing days with his brother. I am sure he is glad I didn't get a video of that for future reference. Glad you are still hanging in there!

Vaso said...

I can't understand why someone would unsubscribe!!! What a nerve he/she has!

I can't wait to hear and see more stories... You have a lot in your hands but you are doing great! Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I heart you!

David and Katie said...

You actually have 63 followers because I don't technically "follow" you, but I do check your blog every week. Thanks for making me laugh! :)