Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Piglet's Five Month Update

Month Five: Still on a bottle strike, though LOVES to drink from a glass.  Not a sippy cup mind you, a GLASS.  It is kinda cute though - every night at dinner, there are now three water glasses on the table. :)  We also graduated him from the Bumbo Seat to the Stokke high chair!  We are HUGE fans of the Stokke Tripp Trapp.  Mr. Piglet feels very independent in it and Dh and I feel he's very safe in it.  We also love that it pulls right up to the table with no tray separating him from the rest of the famdamily!  

Oh and how could I forget - Piglet took his first airplane ride to visit the g-rents in Colorado.  

While waiting for our stroller and carseat at the gate, the conversation when something like this:

Other passengers when deboarding: Oh your baby is so cute!  He was SO GOOD on the flight!  

Us: (collective sigh of relief) Really?!  Thanks!  

Piglet: Loud babbling translated to mean "See, I told you two you were wayyy stressed for no reason!"

Our flight home was a liiiitle different because what should've been a 2.5 hour flight was extended to a four hour flight because we were on the tarmac forever. The conversation while waiting for our gear went something like this:

Other passengers when deboarding: Oh, he's finally asleep.  

Us: Yes.  (hang heads in shame)

Piglet: Fast asleep because he was so exhausted from all the loud babbling, over stimulation from being walked up and down the aisle and of course, the wailing the final 15 minutes of the flight.  

Let's see...what other five month news do I have to share?  Oh yes, the arrival of the first tooth also happened this month.  Piglet was busy. I mentioned this in our previous post about homeopathic remedies, but I'll say it again.  Huzzah for the lovely peeps at Boiron Homeopathy.  We could not survive teething without their Camillia Teething Relief.  Just like the Cocyntal Colic Relief, it comes in handy single-use vials and works like a charm.  Sometimes Piglet even sucks on the little vial to get every last bit of it.  Dh tried it (we try everything we give to the Piglet) and he confirmed that it tastes a little sweet and does numb your mouth a little.  

I'm working on the six month update and will post that hopefully before he's a year old.  :) 

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