Monday, April 23, 2012


You guys.

I'm such a yo-yo blogger.

I'm back.

I'm gone.

I'm back!

I'm a slacker.

I'm back.

I'm annoying as hell.

But guess what -- I'm going to try my hand at this again. Hang onto your yoga pants my compatriots, Miss MVK is re-entering the blogosphere. For the third, fourth, fifth...hopefully not the last time.

Where to start? How about a little update on how we are all faring here at Maison Piglets? First, Piglet (the original) is in school five days a week and while we take our fair share of "it's too rainy to go to school today, let's just stay home and build huge ridiculously complex train track structures" he is kicking some serious preschool booty. At our last conference his teacher told us he was working on decimals and the continents. That's funny, because whenever we ask him what his favorite thing to do at school was that day, he usually responds "Um, carrying around a bucket of water" or "folding napkins!" Those of you with school-aged children might recognize those tasks as classic Montessori work. Though Mr. K and I like to joke that it's really just a sweat shop in disguise.

"Here Piglet! These mirrors need polishing! You will acquire great dexterity and appreciation for the arts by mastering this task!"

Ohhhhhkayyy Mr. Miyagi. Whatever you say. Next, I will paint the fence.

As for the twinks, well, they turned TWO at the end of March.

I mean.

You guys.

TWO freaking years old. They are right now, at this moment, the exact same age that Piglet was when they were BORN. I just flooded their drawers and closet with clothes that Piglet was wearing when I had just brought them home. Clothes that I thought I wouldn't see again for-ever.

And yet, there they are.

Folded neatly -- oh who am I kidding, stuffed and jammed, into their dresser drawers.

Holy. Shite.

It's time to have another baby. At least that's what all the blue hairs at the grocery store keep telling me.

Suuuuuurrrre. I'll get right on that.

The twinks are so much fun right now! Feisty and opinionated and talking. Well, the talking thing still requires subtitles but it's hilarious because sometimes when I ask them to parrot words back to me, it goes something like this:

Moi: Can you say GIRAFFE?

P: Jusphfffttttt!!!

Moi: How about EGGROLL?

G: Bwabwah!

Moi: Close enough.

The thing is -- they say everything with complete and total conviction. Like they are not only saying the word I asked them to say but giving me the Latin root, full definition and alternate pronunciation. It is HILARIOUS.

I'm all. Little DUDES. You are speaking complete gibberish. And they're all.

Riiiight Mama, And SO ARE YOU.

So in a nutshell, we are having a blast with them. Don't get me wrong. We have our days, our moments, our seconds of "I am going to completely lose my Es Atch Eye Tee." But we try never to lose slight of how utterly grateful we are that we have these little boys to call our own.

On the home front, we are supposedly in the final stretch of our home remodel. Sort of. Not really. We are about six weeks away. There were some hiccups and by hiccups, I mean the people who sold us our new house, neatly checked "No" next to the box that says "To your knowledge, has there been any flooding or water damage in the basement?" And you know how this ends?

With water little pouring through a brick wall in the backyard and into our newly framed garage that, guess what? Used to be the BASEMENT. With NO water problems. Liar, liar, pants on fire former owners.

Mr. K and I, because we are not litigious (SAT word, holla!) are all zen about it.

It is what it is.

At least we found out now and not after we'd moved in.

We still love the house.

But sometimes? Sometimes it makes me feel better to say out loud -- KARMA IS GOING TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS YOU BAD PEOPLE.

Then I go back to my Money Pit line of choice "It's going to be great! It's going to be great!" whilst slowly rocking back and forth and clutching my vodka tonic.

Seriously though, the piglets are so lucky. The house really is going to be great once we're all settled in. They will have space to play and roam, indoors and out, sunny bright rooms to grow and rest in and our neighbors and their kids sort of rock the Kasbah.


I don't want to overwhelm you with too much Maison Piglets for one day, so I leave you with a few recent photos of our adventures with the promise of stories to go along with them very soon.


P.S. This post is dedicated to Mo who is kicking ass and taking names while making a baby. Even with all that going on, she found time to cajole me into returning to my blog, my home. Thank you, Mo.